McDonald's Mcdo Happy Meal 35 Years of Hello Kitty

Happy Meal toys promo never fails to please once in a while. Celebrate every year you’ve grown with Hello Kitty with these adorable collectibles. It's been a year since Kaye started collecting Hello Kitty periphernalias. After she learned this promo by McDonald's Happy Meal, she keep reminding me to start completing the 35 Years of Hello Kitty toy set in a hurry. I told her I saw it the other day when I walk pass but not yet bought one, hehe. We went to McDonald right away, I told her there is too many to collect in a month's time. We started at three McDo Hello Kitty with relevant years to us, 1980, 1981, 2008, and a tempting 1987 black Hello Kitty mirror toy, predicting it as the best-seller.

UPDATE: After a couple of days, 2009 toy is the best-seller. We have to hop every McDonald's branch trying to look for one. It got a sparkling paint that made a one-of-a-kind item.

A week after the 35 Years of Hello Kitty Happy Meal started, McDonald's management learned the promo was such a hit, they upped the prices, (damn inflation). If we were to collect all 36 of Hello Kitty, times 75 pesos for the burger McDo Happy Meal, that would be 2700, the cheapest.

Time-out Kitty
Kitty Ring
Action Kitty
Travel Kitty
Mirror Kitty
Kitty Ring

Who's gonna help? I think I'll beg for non-collecting McDo customers add to their bill? Wow so nice of them if not, I seriously will die cos I need to eat so many Happy Meal.

Who Wants To be Millionaire Recap Aug-23

On the last episode for the Who Wants To be Millionaire 10th year anniversary, on hot seat reached the million dollar question, asking about LBJ favorite drinks. At first, I though LBJ was NBA star Lebron James but it was former US President Lyndon Johnson.

For ONE MILLION DOLLARS, this is the question - we’re all with you, Mr. Ken Basin:

For ordering his favorite beverages on demand, Lyndon B Johnson (LBJ) had four buttons installed in the Oval Office labeled coffee, tea, Coke and what?

A: Fresca

B: V8

C: Yoo-Hoo

D: A&W

What popular game’s name is derived from a Swahili word meaning “to build”?

A: Scrabble
B: Jenga
C: Boggle
D: Dominoes

GUESS (:20): Jenga- RIGHT (2:09)

What 2009 big screen comedy features Betty White as a wacky grandmother?

A: “I Love You, Man”
B: “The Proposal”
C: “Paul Blart: Mall Cop”
D: “The Hangover”

GUESS (:21): “The Proposal”- RIGHT (2:30)

Which of these historical names can be spelled out by writing three U.S. state abbreviations in a row?


GUESS (:18): GANDHI- REACHES $25,000 (3:08)

Ken’s the only contestant on this edition of the show to make it to the upper tier with all four lifelines intact! Here’s his $50,000 question in the category of He’s a Keeper:

Which member of the Obama Cabinet held the same job in George W. Bush’s administration?

A: Robert Gates
B: Ken Salazar
C: Timothy Geithner
D: Steven Chu

Ken locks in Gates at :35...still the Secretary of Defense, it is indeed him for $50,000!

“Listen Carefully” to this $100,000 question:

In the 1984 movie “Gremlins”, which of the following is NOT one of the three rules for taking care of the creature Mogwai?

A: Don’t get him wet
B: Keep him out of bright light
C: Never feed him after midnight
D: Don’t let him sleep too much

After eliminating choices A & C in his head, he decides to Double Dip. His first answer is don’t let him sleep too much. correct for $100,000!

For $250,000, here’s the question in the topic of In the Middle:

If you want to take a vacation to the “Geographic Center of North America”, you should pack up your car and drive to what U.S. state?

A: North Dakota
B: Texas
C: Colorado
D: Wyoming

He wants to save some lifelines for the million dollar question, so he’s going to answer right away. His final answer with :25 left is North Dakota…

For half a million bucks, here’s a question about something that has been Making Headlines:

What film actress’ death was reported on the front page of the debut issue of USA Today?

A: Audrey Hepburn
B: Marlene Dietrich
C: Grace Kelly
D: Greta Garbo

11 seconds into this question, Ken Phones a Friend. His phone menu consists of former “Jeopardy!” champion Jerome Vered (L.A.), Alan (North Hills, CA) and Dan (Cambridge, MA). Ken decides to select Jerome, who’s only 35% sure it’s Grace Kelly. Then, at the :26 mark, he calls up Bill Nye for help, who’s guessing it’s Audrey Hepburn. With five seconds left, Ken’s going for it! His final answer is Grace Kelly.

For the Million dollar question:

For ordering his favorite beverages on demand, LBJ had four buttons installed in the Oval Office labeled “coffee”, “tea”, “Coke” and what?

With 3:36 left, he wisely doesn’t make any guess right now and will Ask the Audience, so as to not heavily influence them in any way. 40% said Yoo-Hoo, 33% said A&W, 15% said Fresca and 12% said V8. With 1:12 left, his final answer is the audience’s majority of Yoo-Hoo.



The audience has gotten another Million Dollar Question wrong. It was Fresca, the grapefruit-flavored soft drink by Coca-Cola that now no longer exists.

Watch WWE SummerSlam 2009

Watch WWE SummerSlam 2009 Live Streaming Online. WWE SummerSlam 2009 will be held on the home of the Lakers and Clippers, the Staples Center.

WWE Championship: Randy Orton vs. John Cena

World Heavyweight Championship: Tables, Ladders, and Chairs match: Jeff Hardy vs. CM Punk

ECW Championship: Christian vs. William Regal

D-Generation X (Triple H and Shawn Michaels) vs. The Legacy (Cody Rhodes and Ted DiBiase)

Unified WWE Tag Team Championship: Chris Jericho and The Big Show vs. Cryme Tyme (Shad Gaspard and JTG)

WWE Intercontinental Championship: Rey Mysterio vs. Dolph Ziggler

Kane vs The Great Khali

Montel Vontavious Porter vs Jack Swagger

Zhu Zhu Pets | Zoo Zoo Pets | Zuzu Pets

Darryll will love this zhu zhu pets. I'll buy him one once the price becomes reasonable. I remember when I was a kid the word "pet" can only mean a little cute animal that one takes care of, like a kitten, or a goldfish, or a rabbit. Then came the virtual toy Tamagotchi, in the 1990s. And for this generation, toys are not limited to these kinds of pets. As dependence at ever-changing technology, many kids today have virtual pets in via Facebook's Pet Society. The new buzz word in children's toys, Zuh Zuh Pets pet hamster that is battery operated that moves on their own. Zuh Zuh Pets are the hottest toys in town among toddlers 3-4 years. You wont have to worry about feeding, caring and playing with them.

Here is some information about the Zhu Zhu Pet Hamster:

Zuh Zuh Pets, are realistic, innovative, interactive, artificially and plush intelligent hamsters that talk and move around in their own play sets.

ZuZu pets include two play modes: 1) nurturing mode, in which the hamsters coo and purr 2) Adventure mode, in which the hamsters explore their habitat with intelligent audio. zhu zhu pets are being sold at Walmart, Toys R Us and

World's Top Weirdest Hotels | Exploranter Overland hotel

The Exploranter Overland hotel - hotel on wheels - is a 25-ton Scania truck and trailer and mobile hotel, fully equipped with industrial kitchen, a lounge, and 28-berth sleeping quarters. It takes you to the backroads of São Paulo, Brazil, places you won’t find in the glossy travel brochures. Launched by Falvio at São Paulo s adventure sports fair, and it is now one of the most unique traveling tours in the world. A hotel that hits the road.

The Exploranter Overland hotel operate in Brazil, Chile and Argentina, with routes in Patagonia, Pantanal, Atacama and other less traveled paths. The highlight is the human atmosphere in our trips. Surrounded by the most amazing landscapes, our guests make friends and live an unforgettable experience.

Trips range from 1 week routes to 22 days expeditions. When catering for private parties, imagination is the limit. We are fully customizable and have made trips with such a variety of themes such as hot air ballooning, horseback riding, bike, off road rally, motorbike, quads, trekking, historical routes, gastronomy, vineyards, archeology, fishing, rafting, bird watching, spelunking, rodeos and even scuba diving. Local culture and gastronomy are present in every trip." The only limit is your pocket.

Who Wants To be Millionaire Recap Aug-20

This is the second-to-last night of the "Millionaire"'s 10th Anniversary in primetime. It broadcast revival with the inspiration of the movie Slumdog Millionaire and the 2009 economic crisis. Returning to the hotseat is Chris Maslowski, who is a big Bruce Springsteen fan. His million dollar question clock currently stands at 1:23. Remember, the Expert tonight is Mo Rocca. In this episode, Bernie Madoff sons, Where does a "howdah" being used?, Zicam cold remedy products and Where is Jules Verne restaurant located?

For $16,000:

Fittingly, "The Jules Verne" is the name of a restaurant located on the second floor of what world landmark?

A: Leaning Tower of Pisa
B: Eiffel Tower
C: Taj Mahal
D: The Kremlin

For the $100,000 question in Fathers & Sons:

Bernie Madoff's two sons are named what?

A: Mark & Andrew
B: Peter & Benjamin
C: David & Gregory
D: Daniel & Jonathan

Here is the question worth $250,000:

A "howdah" is used for which of these purposes?

A: Charming a snake
B: Sitting on an elephant
C: Blindfolding a hawk
D: Taming a lion

To prevent the browning of cut fruits and veggies, cooks often put them in water that has been mixed with what?

A: Coconut milk
B: Lemon juice
C: Olive oil
D: Soy sauce

Lemon juice- CORRECT

After a hotly contested election result, former "SNL" cast member Al Franken was named a U.S. Senator for what state in 2009?

A: Minnesota
B: Vermont
C: New Hampshire
D: Iowa

Minnesota- RIGHT

The stage directions "Takes the skull" and "Puts down the skull" appear in a famous scene from what Shakespeare play?

A: "Hamlet"
B: "King Lear"
C: "Richard III"
D: "Romeo and Juliet"

With :11 on the clock, Chris will Ask the Expert. Mo's very sure it's "Hamlet". Four seconds later, Chris locks that play in...and now has $16,000 and a new million dollar clock total of 2:34!

For $25,000 in Away We Go!:

In Pixar's 2009 movie "Up", a cantankerous old man fulfills his lifelong dream by flying his house to what fictional destination?

A: Narwhal Island
B: Beluga Bay
C: Paradise Falls
D: Lake Divine

GUESS (:21): Paradise Falls- REACHES $25,000 (2:55)

The $50,000 question in Grueling Races is this:

What annual sporting event concludes when a kerosene lantern known as the "Widow's Lamp" is extinguished?

A: Iditarod Sled Dog Race
B: America's Cup
C: Ironman Triathon
D: Tour de France

At :26, he makes the ill-advised move of using the Double Dip instead of using another lifeline first. The first choice he locks in is my gut of the Iditarod...he has $50,000! His million dollar clock now stands at 3:21.

For the $100,000 question in Fathers & Sons:

Bernie Madoff's two sons are named what?

10 seconds into this question, he Asks the Audience. 32% said Mark & Andrew, 29% said Peter & Benjamin, 20% said Daniel & Jonathan and 19% said David & Gregory. Not surprising results, as the audiences usually don't do very well on the upper tier questions. He then Phones a Friend with :18 left.

...everyone's right for $100,000! With 3:26 on his million dollar clock now, here is the How's That? question worth a quarter million dollars ($250,000):

A "howdah" is used for which of these purposes?

At the :11 mark, he's walking away as the third $100,000 winner of this 10th Anniversary run! Correct: Sitting on an elephant.

Liz, a new contestant.

The first book of the Bible, Genesis opens with the line "In the beginning God created the heaven and the" what?

A: Earth
B: Neptune
C: Jupiter
D: iPhone

Earth- CORRECT (:54)

A waiter who asks, "Straight up, or on the rocks?" is inquiring if you want what?

A: Ketchup w/ your fries
B: Milk in your coffee
C: Dressing on your salad
D: Ice in your cocktail

Ice in your cocktail- CORRECT (1:01)

Which of these vehicles often lacks handlebars?

A: Unicycle
B: Bicycle
C: Tricycle
D: Motorcycle

Unicycle- CORRECT (1:09)

Every Easter season, the PAAS Dye Company sells more than 10 million color kits for decorating what?

A: Cakes
B: Eggs
C: Quilts
D: Posters

Eggs- YOU BET (1:20)

Which of these 2009 movies was rated PG-13 for "intense sequences of sci-fi violence"?

A: "Bruno"
B: "He's Just Not That Into You"
C: "Terminator Salvation"
D: "17 Again"

"Terminator Salvation"- REACHES $1,000 (1:25)

Southwest Chief, an Amtrak train route, includes a stop in which of these U.S. cities?

A: Philadelphia
B: Albuquerque
C: Savannah
D: Seattle

Albuquerque- CORRECT (1:46)

Aubergine, the British term for an eggplant, is also the name of a shade of what color?

A: Yellowish green
B: Sky blue
C: Bright orange
D: Dark purple

Dark purple- RIGHT (2:09)

8000 Question:

Though not as popular as Tickle Me Elmo, what Sesame Street character's Tickle Me doll laughs and says "That good one!"?

A: Big Bird
B: Ernie
C: Cookie Monster
D: The Count

She decides to Ask the Audience with :13 to spare. 83% said Cookie Monster, 7% apiece said either Ernie or The Count and 3% said Big Bird.

For $16,000 in the category of Great Location:

Fittingly, "The Jules Verne" is the name of a restaurant located on the second floor of what world landmark?

She decides to give Mo this question with :11 left. He wants to say the Eiffel Tower, but he fears it might be a trick because "The Jules Verne" is French. Liz locks the Eiffel Tower in with six seconds trick this time- that's right for $16,000 and a new million dollar clock total of 2:25!

To make it to $25,000, here's the question in Dangerous Drugs:

In 2009, the FDA warned consumers to stop using certain Zicam cold remedy products, saying that they could cause loss of what sense?

A: Smell
B: Hearing
C: Touch
D: Sight

She decides to Double Dip with :13 still on the clock. Her first final answer is smell...she wasted a lifeline here, but she now has $25,000! 2:38 now on her clock for the million dollar question as she now faces this

$50,000 query in No More Drama:

Getting its start as an NBC radio program in 1937, what soap opera will end in 2009 after nearly 16,000 episodes in 72 years?

A: "One Life to Live"
B: "All My Children"
C: "Guiding Light"
D: "As the World Turns"

After 15 seconds, she will Phone a Friend. She decides to have Dan called up...and he knows like I do it's "Guiding Light"!

100,000 question:
Which one of these events happened in the '80s and not the '70s?

A: Shah of Iran overthrown
B: "Grease" tops the box office
C: Three Mile Island melts down
D: Sally Ride goes to space

At :18, Liz goes home with $50,000! Good job, my dear! The correct answer was Sally Ride going to space, which happened in 1983.

$100: In a cliched scene from many Westerns, gunslingers meet for a final showdown when?

A: Early morning
B: High noon
C: Late evening
D: Right after "Ugly Betty"

GUESS (:07): High noon- CORRECT (:52)

$200: "One-car", "two-car" and "three-car" are adjectives commonly used to describe a what?

A: Bathroom
B: Garage
C: Gazebo
D: Basement

GUESS (:10): Garage- CORRECT (1:02)

300: In the U.S., Groundhog Day playfully celebrates the transition between what two seasons?

A: Winter and Spring
B: Spring and Summer
C: Summer and Fall
D: Fall and Winter

GUESS (:08): Winter and Spring- CORRECT (1:10)

500: The 2009 Harley-Davidson Barbie is a Barbie doll that comes with what accessory?

A: Surfboard
B: Briefcase
C: Pom-pom
D: Helmet

2000: Which of the following are different shades of the same basic color?

A: Aqua and bronze
B: Beige and tan
C: Indigo and gold
D: Ivory and lavender

4000: In the 2008 animated movie "Bolt", what is Bolt?

A: Dog
B: Parrot
C: Squirrel
D: Penguin

With :22 left, he'll Ask the Audience. 89% said dog, 7% said penguin and the other 4% said either parrot or squirrel. Dog was his gut feeling, so he makes that his final answer two seconds later for $4,000 and a new million dollar clock total of 2:08.

8000: What world city did Mother Teresa mention eight times in her acceptance speech for the 1979 Nobel Peace Prize?

A: Bangkok
B: Johannesburg
C: Calcutta
D: Bogota

GUESS (:18): Calcutta- RIGHT (2:26)

$16,000 question correctly to return Sunday night:
Why do old newspapers turn yellow?

A: Because of reduction
B: Because of oxidation
C: Because of sublimation
D: Because of condensation

His final answer at :16 is because of oxidation... That means he'll get to lead off this Sunday's finale with 2:42 on his million dollar clock. The Expert then will be the first one since this new format was instituted last season- Bill Nye the Science Guy!

NBA player Steve Nash gets a shot at $50,000 for The Steve Nash Foundation. The question: Which of these combinations of road races would require a participant to run the farthest?

A: 20 5K races
B: 15 10K races
C: 10 half-marathons
D: Four marathons

Steve decides to give Mo his final question of this evening. After talking it out, he believes it's 10 half-marathons. That's Steve's final answer as well...he wins the cash for his own charity!

Mona Lisa Portrait Made with Cups of Coffee (VIDEO)

The Rocks Aroma Festival in Sydney, Australia is a one-day coffee-lovers event, featuring different coffee beans, tea, chocolate and spices of the world. As a grand kickoff this year their main attraction is the giant coffee masterpiece of Leonardo Da Vinci's Mona Lisa, using 3604 of cups of coffee and 564 liters of milk.

The different colours were created by adding different amounts of cream to each cup of coffee. The 20 ft by 13 ft of the image copy was completed by an eight-man team, mixing different sepia shades of the painting and assembling in only three hours.

The festival attracted more than 130,000 in one day. See video of Mona Lisa with a cup of coffee. Fantastic!

Texting while Driving PSA VIDEO

Texting while Driving PSA is strictly prohibited, you may end up hitting a post, or worse, in this video, go counter-flow and smashing head-on collision. UK Wales Police shows a shocking short film about the consequences of texting while driving. The Public Service Anouncement (PSA) is to be shown in schools, in efforts to help prevent car accidents due to cellphone usage. Youtube tagged the Texting while Driving Commercial VIDEO a Parental Guidance rating.

WARNING! The video may be too graphic for you. It's like watching Final Destination movie. The new public service announcement, which spares no details, includes snapping necks, piercing screams, blood galore, an orphaned child, a dead infant, and multiple rescue helicopters.

A recent study revealed texting and driving is actually more dangerous than drinking and driving since the reaction time for a texter was longer than for someone legally drunk at 0.08. The Texting PSA shows the crash and the horrible consequences of an accident caused by a teen texter. A study also shows texting and driving is more common between the ages of 17 and 24.


Laws on cell phone use behind the wheel:

Phone bans

Handheld cell phone bans for all drivers: Six states (California, Connecticut, New Jersey, New York, Oregon and Washington), the District of Columbia and the Virgin Islands prohibit all drivers from talking on handheld cell phones while driving.

With the exception of Washington state, these laws are all primary enforcement - an officer may ticket a driver for using a handheld cell phone while driving without any other traffic offense taking place.

Novice drivers: 21 states and the District of Columbia ban all cell phone use by novice drivers.

School bus drivers: In 16 states and the District of Columbia, school bus drivers are prohibited from all cell phone use when passengers are present.

Texting bans

Text messaging: 17 states and the District of Columbia now ban text messaging for all drivers.

Novice drivers: Nine states prohibit text messaging by novice drivers.

School bus drivers: Texas restricts school bus drivers from texting while driving.

In Ohio

No statewide ban exists in Ohio that prohibits texting or other cell phone use while driving. However, local governments can adopt ordinances that ban cell phone use in their jurisdiction. No communities in the area have adopted such a ban.

Two bills were introduced Aug. 4 in the Ohio House of Representatives that would ban cell phone use while driving - one related to texting, the other related to talking on a phone.

Source: Governors Highway Safety Association and Associated Press.

Watch TNA Hard Justice 2009 Results

Watch TNA Hard Justice 2009 Live Streaming Online

Watch TNA Promotion presents "HARD JUSTICE Live. Watch TNA PRESENTS' HARD JUSTICE LIVE ON PPV, Sunday 16 august 2009 at 8pm ET / 5PM PT FROM Universal Studios in Orlando, Florida.

TNA X Division Number 1 Contender match: Daniels defeated Suicide, Chris Sabin, Amazing Red, Alex Shelley, Jay Lethal, Consequences Creed and D'Angelo Dinero

Abyss defeated Jethro Holliday

IWGP Tag Team Championship: The British Invasion (Brutus Magnus and Doug Williams) (c) defeated Beer Money, Inc. (Robert Roode and James Storm)

TNA Women's Knockout Championship: ODB and Cody Deaner defeated Angelina Love (c) and Velvet Sky

TNA X Division Championship: Samoa Joe defeated Homicide

TNA World Tag Team Championship: The Main Event Mafia (Booker T and Scott Steiner) defeated Team 3D (Brother Ray and Brother Devon)

TNA Legends Championship: Kevin Nash defeated Mick Foley

TNA World Heavyweight Championship: Kurt Angle defeated Sting and Matt Morgan

Meanwhile, TNA star Kurt Angle was arrested, with Angle's girlfriend Rhaka Khan, real name Trenesh Biggers filing charges of abuse against Angle.

The rapidly shrinking TNA star was busted for possession of " Hygetropin " also known as HGH , driving with a suspended license, and for harassing his girlfriend.

Plurk Layout: Wonder Girls

Wow! This is my third post regarding the Wonder Girls! They just can't get out of my head! (Nobody, Nobody, Nobody but you!). Darryll gets his eyes glued on the screen everytime Nobody plays on the tube. So why not make Wonder Girls Plurk Theme for all the Wonder Girls fans around the globe.

It’s a dark theme with blue-gray accents. I wanted this to have a uncluttered look, no fancy feel, with the emphasis on their smiles on their faces hence the not too bright colors.

So, if you want to install Wonder Girls Plurk Theme on your Plurk profile, just click on the button below. Yubin, Yenny, Sun Ye, Mimi and Sohee fans unite!

Plurk Theme: 2NE1 Sandara Park

Due to the Asian success of their hit single Fire and Lollipop collaboration, and since Dara Park (aka Sandara) once stayed in the Philippines, I made a Plurk layout based on the K-pop group 2NE1.

It’s a light theme with white colors. I wanted this to have a cleaner feel, with the emphasis on their faces shouting their names hence the not too bright colors.

So, if you want to install 2NE1 Theme on your Plurk profile, just click on the button below. Spread the love for 2NE1!

Twilight New Moon Trailer from Bandslam

Full New Moon Trailer from Bandslam Leaked. Twilight New Moon - FULL version of the New Moon trailer has been leaked! The trailer focuses mostly on Kristen Stewart's Bella and Taylor Lautner's Jacob. Before the official new trailer of "The Twilight Saga's New Moon" comes out in theaters, there were trailers leaked entirely in French. Now an English version comes up as trailer in the Bandslam movie shown in theaters. Enjoy the 14-second teaser trailer that will keep excited for the coming New Moon film.

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Quake cripples Internet access in Asia

If you are wondering why your internet connection seems to crawl like the Dial-up days, PLDT MyDSL is the worst hit among Internet Service Providers. So before you call up your ISP and start yelling at them for having wobbly service, here is a piece of news you guys need to know.

Massive earthequake that hit Taiwan damaged a segment of the Asia-Pacific Cable Network 2 (APCN2) undersea cable network between China and Taiwan Wednesday, causing Internet traffic to be rerouted onto other undersea cables and slowing Internet access for some users in Southeast Asia.

Undersea cables are used to transport much of the world's Internet traffic and can be easily damaged by natural disasters or other causes. In 2006, a powerful earthquake off the southern coast of Taiwan damaged several cables and slowed Internet access to a crawl for users in Southeast Asia.

According to the article, repairs will hopefully be finished by August 20, next week. Moreover, Smart Communications said its wireless subscribers may have difficulties making or receiving overseas calls, and sending or receiving text messages abroad.

Oh no. I can’t even play any of the FaceBook apps I usually play. I can't even get pass by answering Restaurant City daily Food Quiz. My employees in Restaurant City are probably going on a strike by now. We can't blame nature's wrath, 'coz we continually abuse Mother Earth.

Super Mario Bros Chess Set

Now a fun way to learn chess, and a great way to play Super Mario Brothers out of the consoles. It's hard to find two more opposite games than chess. Super Mario Collector's Edition Chess Set by USApoly grafts Nintendo's video hit onto the game of the grandmasters. By the looks of it, i don't bight to the idea of Luigi being the Queen to Mario's King.

The Super Mario Bro chess set is most definitely a collector's edition with a cool tin-can packaging. Owners likeley won't use it everyday or let the kiddies fool around with. For one, the 32 pieces are all hand painted.

A total of 13 distinctive figures sourced from Super Mario Brothers universe are used, piting Team Mario against Team Bowser, with Mario (king), Luigi (queen), Princess Peach and Princess Daisy as bishops, Yoshi (knight), Toad (rook), Coins (pawn). At the villain side comes Bowser (king), Bowser Jr. (queen), Magikoopa (bishop), Birdo (knight), Goomba (rook), and Koopa Shells (pawn).

The game designers discarded the classic Black vs. White theme in favor of Red vs. Green. The board features blue and white squares which also helps brighten things up.

Joey De Leon's poem for Willie Revillame on Bastarding Cory Funeral

Numerous tirades are against Wowowee host Willie Revillame these days. In his comments made in ABS-CBN funeral coverage for Cory Aquino, even Kapamilya televiewers became instant detractors of Willie.

There seems no end to the insinuation Willie is receiving from those who symphatized Tita Cory's funera. Besides from taking indefinite leave of absense, on the noontime show, much are appealing Willie be aexed on his program. Some discussions also take place discuss his unbecoming behavior. There's also an online petition for his removal on Wowowee.

Willie Revillame was harshly criticized last Monday after being vocal on his show Wowowee that he was uncomfortable with the live feed of Cory Aquino's funeral march which was happening simultaneously with his show.

Today, Eat Bulaga! host Joey de Leon has written a hard-hitting poem.

(first published at Philippine Star, August 9, 2009)

Mga kababayan at bayan ko, basahin n’yo

Wala na sa piling ng mga Pilipino,
Tinig ng awiting Mga Kababayan Ko,
At lumisan na rin noong isang Sabado,
Inang nagpalipad sa awiting Bayan Ko.

Ako’y sumasaludo, paalam Pangulo,
May isa ‘kong lihim, kay tagal itinago,
Sa lahat nang inabot kong mga namuno,
Tanging ikaw lang sa luha ko’y nagpatulo.

Marami ang nalungkot sa iyong pagyao,
Magalang ang lahat at puno ng respeto,
Nagpasalamat pa nga Kapamilya sa ‘yo,
Dahil kanilang himpilan naibalik mo.

Subalit ano itong nabalitaan ko?
Nangyari noong Lunes, a-tres ng Agosto,
Habang inililipat ang mga labi mo,
Ika’y parang nabastos sa isang TV show.

At ang napakasaklap at masakit dito,
Ang nambastos pa’y kapamilya ng anak mo,
Napanood ito ng tao at publiko,
Kakaunti na nga, ngunit lahat nahilo.

Sabi ng TV host na mainit ang ulo
Pagkakita sa video na kanyang kasalo,
“Sandali, meron akong ano… sa’ting ano…
Hindi naman sa ano,” nagkaanu-ano!

Ayon sa Internet, meron pa s’yang nasambit,
“Sana pakitanggal muna ‘yan sa’ting traffic…”
At ‘di maaalis sa iyong pag-iisip,
Ang parada ng patay ang pinaliligpit!

At dagdag pa daw ng naghahari-harian,
“I don’t think na dapat n’yong ipakita iyan…”
Nasaan naman ang paggalang, o nasaan?
Mga sinasabi natin minsa’y pag-ingatan.

At ‘di pa nangimi nang sumunod na araw,
Pinilit pa ring ginawa n’ya ay tama raw,
Mga nakarinig ‘di na nakagalaw
At ayon sa iba sila na la’y napa-wow!

“… Pero ako, totoo ‘ko eh … “, sabi kuno,
Totoo nga at totoo ring walang modo,
Pwede namang sabihin itong pa-sikreto,
Kaya’t wala na rin mga paliwanag mo.

“Kung ganyan, pakita na lang ‘yan!”, ang hamon pa,
Para bang ang prusisyon nila-“lang – lang” lang ba,
Ang pangasiwaan ay pinapili pa n’ya,
Sumunod ang himpilan, nung August 5 wala s’ya.

May mga komentong pwede nang pang-harapan,
“On camera” baga sa TV ang tawag d’yan
At kung sensitibo man ang gustong bitawan,
Pagpasok ng commercial, hintayin mo na lang.

Matutong magbaba muna ng mikropono
At saka idikta lahat ng iyong gusto,
Lagi kang mataas lahat daw takot sa ‘yo,
Ratings lang ang mababa — totoo ba ito?

The breaking news breaks your heart — at ‘yan ang bawi mo,
Nang mahalata mong sumablay ang pasok mo,
Pero sigurado ika’y maa-abswelto,
‘Di ba ikaw rin ang may-ari ng network n’yo?

Nung Hueves nag-apologize sa diario naman,
O, akala ko ba wala kang kasalanan,
Tapos ng angalan, sunod paliwanagan —
COMPLAIN before you EXPLAIN ka na naman!

O ito kaya ay isa na namang “glitch” lang,
Tulad ng “two-zero” ‘di na natin nalaman,
O ito ay maliwanag na kabobohan?
Sa tingin ng marami, mahirap lusutan.

Ang sabi ng iba — istupidong mayabang,
At giit ng iba — istupidong mayaman,
Mayaman man o mayabang ang tiyak diyan,
Napakayaman n’ya sa kaistupiduhan.

Buti pa ang apat na honor guards ni Cory —
Sina Malab, Laguindan, Rodriguez, Cadiente,
Walong oras tumayo sa ulan at viaje,
Ang lahat ay tiniis at walang sinabi.

Samantalang ikaw na may bubong sa ulo,
Komportable ka lang sa malamig na studio,
Nang kapirasong libing sa TV sumalo,
Angal at inis ang sumambulat sa iyo.

Maaari din namang pabayaan na s’ya,
Subalit ang nangyari’y mabigat talaga,
Namayapang pangulo’y huling paalam na,
‘Di mo pa pinagbigyan … hoy, nag-iisa ka!

At nais ko lang sabihin at ipagyabang
Sa mahigit na s’yam na libong tanghalian,
Sa limang pangulong sa Bulaga’y dumaan,
Kahit isa wala kaming nilapastangan

Gloria Arroyo Feasting on the Sad Plight of the Philippines

photo creadit:(

Ooops! Not Quite Le Cirque. President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo and her party spent nearly one million pesos on dinner during their recent visit to New York, ordering such items as caviar and expensive wine. In the meantime, poor Filipinos — like this little girl having lunch, or what passes for it, in Isla Puting Bato, a slum area in Manila — have to make do with what they have, which is often not enough.

Photoshop gurus showing the best of their talents.

Why these politicians can dine and wine in a posh resto, while I can't even splurge on my good ol' favorite Twister fries. Again, a massive cover-up work is tasked upon Press Secretary Serge Remonde for their dine and wine extravaganza. So the story goes that it was Representative Martin Romualdez who allegedly paid the bill in celebration of the wedding anniversary of the First Couple.

Hey! That's avarice plus gluttony combo with this report of PCIJ that she got rich the fastest among our presidents. That's why everybody's dreaming about being a politician.

THE economic downturn hasn't persuaded everyone to pinch pennies. Philippines President Maria Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo was at Le Cirque the other night with a large entourage enjoying the good life, even though the former comptroller of her country's armed serv ices, Carlos Garcia, was found guilty earlier this year of per jury and two of his sons were arrested in the US on bulk cash-smuggling charges. Maca pagal-Arroyo ordered several bottles of very expensive wine, pushing the dinner tab up to $20,000.

My who Wants to be a Millionaire experience - Fail!

This a long overdue post. If you ever get the chance to be "Who Wants To Be A Millionaire," take it--even if you're an alternate, it's an unforgettable experience! Being called for audition out of thousand texters maybe lucky but being selected in the final list of contestants may take another case.

Bossing Vic Sotto during in-between takes.

It was July 22, we were scheduled for taping. Being excited and all, I realized, all the other contestants were present, making no hopes of being a participant (hey! just an appearance will make my folks go gaga!). While waiting for our queue, there are some seasoned contestants sharing their game show experiences.

So, I just watched and enjoyed the preparations backstage, ending up as one of the audience. Preparations takes so much time, that audiences tends to get bored.

Being outside looking in is not new to me. I was a percentage points away to included in topnotchers list.

Me posing as one of contestant during an in-between take.

Taping ended 10:30 in the evening, leaving us to take a late dinner. And our batch was the first of the two tapings scheduled.

Just a quick note, you will learn a thing or two watching the show. I learned that Royce Gracie was the first UFC champ.

Survivor Philippines Palau Koror Castaways Revealed! PHOTOS

Survivor Philippines Palau Season 2 Survivors were introduced in a teaser plug in attempt to aggressively promote the upcoming show! Survivor Philippines Season 2 premieres August 17 on GMA7. Previously posted the Airai Team, now its the other half, the Koror Tribe.

Palau is located at the South-West Pacific, 800 kilometers east of Mindanao, the southern group of islands of the Philippines. Formerly known as the “Black Islands”, Palau is composed of 16 states. The island republic is blessed with beautiful sceneries and an abundant nature, home to a flourishing wildlife. But like the Philippines, Palau had its share of rich historical experience, particularly during the World War 2.

  • Suzuki Sadatsugu, Criminology student from Emilio Aguinaldo College – Manila (Japinoy Hunk)

    Suzuki Sadatsugu lived in Japan for 18 years but still managed to stay true to his Filipino roots.

    Towering at 6 feet and banking on his exotic looks, Suzuki started modeling when he was 19 years old and gained quite an exposure by joining competitions.

    For sure, he will be part of an afternoon teledrama after this. this boy will either be brought by a majority alliance, or just lie still and die.

  • Marvin Keifer, model (Ultimate Crush)

    Currently, Marvin hosts a teen magazine show called “Flo” on TV5, and was chosen as the image model for Viktor Jeans’ young and edgy Vik line after besting other aspiring models in a reality TV job search."

    Product of Gay casting. Expect him to be on a youth variety program, or singing male hunk group (Louie Ignacio keep an eye) at SOP. Mixed feelings about his staying power. First one to offer alliance.

  • Louie Ang, IT professional (Chick Boy)

    “Survivor ako kasi 5 girlfriends ko at hindi ako nahuhuli.”

    As a “chickboy” Louie admits that at one point, he had five simultaneous girlfriends – and he was able to keep it a secret for quite a long time, until somebody messed up his Facebook account.

    As a “bad boy,” Louie figured in quite a number of fistfights during his college days – one of such incidents even got caught on video and was posted online.

    Will he the our schemer? Will he relish being a puppetmaster? Will he put his charm to win?

  • Charles Fernandez, businessman (Raketista)

    This year's version Marlon Carmen. Looks like a weakling to me. "Madaldal, malakas ang loob at makapal ang mukha.”

    At the age of 18, Charles decided to become independent and live on his own without asking support from his parents. He has probably sold everything direct-selling business could offer – from shoes and clothes to cosmetics. And because of his perseverance, persuasiveness and talkativeness Charles was able to finish studying at the University of Luzon in Dagupan City.

  • Echo Caceres, call center agent (Spicy Bicolana)

    As the eldest of seven siblings, Echo Caceres of Sto. Domingo, Albay had to become a breadwinner at a young age. She's the eldest of seven kids.

    One of the major challenges her family faced was when their house was destroyed by typhoon Milenyo, while she was on training in Singapore.

    What's with her nickname? “People have always called me “Echo” not only because of my distinct voice na ume-echo talaga, but because I have become a catalyst of change when I was a student,” Echo said. “I really deliver my opinions passionately.”

  • Carol Gementiza, teacher (Istriktong Guro, the Strict Teacher)

    The oldest in the batch at 46 and the mother figure. Its either she'd alienate herself, or she proves to be an endearing character. Unlike Zita, i think she's physically weak.

  • Tara Jane Macias, English tutor (Taray Queen)

    “I am not afraid to die, to suffer and to get lost, and with that mindset, over-all fear has no place in me as I fear no evil and that makes me a real survivor.”

    Are the rumors true that Tara is Chev's sister? One way to find out.

  • Justine Ferrer, businesswoman (Beauty Queen)

    Justine Ferrer hails from Caloocan City. Justine Ferrer worked in Japan as a singer at the age of 19 and since then has become a breadwinner of the family.

    Businesswoman (at the age of 19?) slash model or the other way around? Mactress for sure.

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