Texting while Driving PSA VIDEO

Texting while Driving PSA is strictly prohibited, you may end up hitting a post, or worse, in this video, go counter-flow and smashing head-on collision. UK Wales Police shows a shocking short film about the consequences of texting while driving. The Public Service Anouncement (PSA) is to be shown in schools, in efforts to help prevent car accidents due to cellphone usage. Youtube tagged the Texting while Driving Commercial VIDEO a Parental Guidance rating.

WARNING! The video may be too graphic for you. It's like watching Final Destination movie. The new public service announcement, which spares no details, includes snapping necks, piercing screams, blood galore, an orphaned child, a dead infant, and multiple rescue helicopters.

A recent study revealed texting and driving is actually more dangerous than drinking and driving since the reaction time for a texter was longer than for someone legally drunk at 0.08. The Texting PSA shows the crash and the horrible consequences of an accident caused by a teen texter. A study also shows texting and driving is more common between the ages of 17 and 24.


Laws on cell phone use behind the wheel:

Phone bans

Handheld cell phone bans for all drivers: Six states (California, Connecticut, New Jersey, New York, Oregon and Washington), the District of Columbia and the Virgin Islands prohibit all drivers from talking on handheld cell phones while driving.

With the exception of Washington state, these laws are all primary enforcement - an officer may ticket a driver for using a handheld cell phone while driving without any other traffic offense taking place.

Novice drivers: 21 states and the District of Columbia ban all cell phone use by novice drivers.

School bus drivers: In 16 states and the District of Columbia, school bus drivers are prohibited from all cell phone use when passengers are present.

Texting bans

Text messaging: 17 states and the District of Columbia now ban text messaging for all drivers.

Novice drivers: Nine states prohibit text messaging by novice drivers.

School bus drivers: Texas restricts school bus drivers from texting while driving.

In Ohio

No statewide ban exists in Ohio that prohibits texting or other cell phone use while driving. However, local governments can adopt ordinances that ban cell phone use in their jurisdiction. No communities in the area have adopted such a ban.

Two bills were introduced Aug. 4 in the Ohio House of Representatives that would ban cell phone use while driving - one related to texting, the other related to talking on a phone.

Source: Governors Highway Safety Association and Associated Press.

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