Cristine Reyes crowned 2009 FHM Philippines Sexiest Woman

Cristine Reyes' time has come, she dethroned Marian Rivera in the recently concluded FHM Philippines' Sexiest Woman in the World 2009 survey.

The StarStruck alumna who portrayed Eva Fonda on ABS-CBN has landed on the top spot of FHM Philippines' 100 Sexiest Women list for 2009.

It's Cristine Reyes first time to take the FHM Sexiest Woman title.

She was 8th in 2008, #15 in 2007, #46 in 2006, #92 in 2005 and #82 in 2004.

Cristine Reyes has bested other heavy contenders such as former "FHM Sexiest Woman" winners Marian Rivera (#2), Angel Locsin (#3) and Katrina Halili (#4).


1. Cristine Reyes - 382,819
2. Megan Fox
3. Marian Rivera - 282,300
4. Angel Locsin - 266,233
5. Katrina Halili - 238,558
6. Iwa Moto - 220,945
7. Ehra Madrigal - 213,287
8. Anne Curtis - 207,825
9. Angelica Panganiban - 198,236
10. Pauleen Luna - 193,197

Rounding up the Top 10 are Iwa Moto, Ehra Madrigal, Anne Curtis, Angelica Panganiban, Pauleen Luna and Valerie 'Bangs' Garcia, the top climber this year (from #55 last year to #10 this year).

The full list of 100 Sexiest Women in the World 2009 can be found in the July 2009 issue of FHM Philippines.

Michael Jackson face-in-review

This might be the most creepy tribute for the King of Pop, Michael Jackson.

"Twilight BARBIE" Dolls

Even Barbie is a fan of Twilight! The star-crossed lovers from Twilight have been turned into Barbie dolls, complete with "shimmering complexion" and "trademark" gold eyes.

The dolls are almost an exact replica of the stars. The Bella Swan Barbie doll is wearing her trademark jeans and gray jacket, just like Kristen Stewart in the Twilight film. The dolls are nicely detailed, and movie accurate. Looks like Bella’s wish for immortality is finally coming true

Watch the official Twilight New Moon Full Trailer that has been shown with the movie Bandslam.


In partner with Walmart, and, a cheap version Barbie dolls will be sold at $25 each, and will be hitting shelves beginning November 1, 2009, in time for the premiere of New Moon. The Tonner version already released their dolls from Twilight characters, but they are a bit expensive. For only $125.99 available for pre-order from Amazon, you can have your own Edward, Bella, or Jacob doll to play with.

Hayden Kho chronicles: a night with Princess Velasco Scandal

The uploader of Hayden Kho Sex scandals hs proved to be really brave, amidst cyber investigation done by the NBI. Now, its the turn of the "missing piece", the root of all commotions, Princess Velasco Sex scandal.

Princess Velasco is a institutional marketing manager of the Belo medical group. Now, their private lives are now out on the public, with the own sex video. I wonder if Hayden Kho screwed all Belo clinic top honcho hotties?

UPDATE: After hours of googling, from the looks of it, it's a fake.

Michael Jackson died at 50 | Michael Jackson Heart Attack

The King of Pop Michael Jackson suffered a cardiac arrest and never recovered, Jackson died at 50.

About 12 noon, June 25, 2009 the paramedics arrived at Jackson's home in Holmby Hills, LA and they found Jackson was not breathing anymore. According to the LAPD, They had performed CPR trying to revive the star and rushed him to UCLA Medical Center, where he was declared dead on arrival.

For more updates regrading Michael Jackson death, head on for Michael Jackson news.

"Michael Jackson made culture accept a person of color. To say an 'icon' would only give these young people in Harlem a fraction of what he was. He was a historic figure that people will measure music and the industry by." said Rev. Al Shaprton in a statement.

I can not believe that the King of Pop would die this way. There have been so many false reports about his death in the past. I used to be a fan of Michael Jackson until I discovered those plastic surgery nose failures & child molestation. However, nobody can deny that he is an icon in the music industry, and I think always will be. This sudden tragic death shocks all music fans and there is outpouring of sympathy for the loss of Michael Jackson.

Michael Jackson first rose to fame in the late 1960s as the lead singer of the Jackson 5. He was that boy who was with a lot of energy performing with his four older brothers. Their famous hits include “Ben” and “I’ll Be There” that has so many renditions from other artists.

The 1982 album “Thriller” is the best selling album of all time with more than 50 million copies sold worldwide. The much famed album includes top charters “Billie Jean,” “Beat It,” and the most recognizable song to the world, “Thriller.”

Michael Jackson was inducted into the Hollywood Walk of Fame in 1984, having a notable impact on music and culture throughout the world. However, his popularity started to decline in the 1990s, after a series of scandals and a disturbing family history.

Prior to his death, Jackson had been scheduled to perform sold-out concerts at London's O2 arena, July this year to March 2010.

I wonder why music icons die in such a young age. The King of Rock and Roll Elvis Prestley died at the age of 44. How old was Elvis when he died?

"You are not alone.."

Street Fighter Wannabee (bonus stage)

Remember the bonus stage on Street Fighter II, where you got to smash up a car with your karate skills in 60 seconds? Well, this guy then decided to take a stake in real life! Ryu Wins!

McDonald's Twister Fries is Back

I missed by McDo Twister Fries, well, good thing they brought it back! Look how McDonald's over-hype their products, they bundled it with the Ice Age 3 movie. I'm really surprised by how expensive it is! If not for my terrible craving for these fries, I think I'll be spending my Php55 on something else. God, a Burger Mcdo Meal costs slightly less than that!

As a promo with Ice Age 3, they've got Sprite Ice Age float too! I like my Twister Fries dipped in gravy, so I make it a point that we have a chicken meal for the gravy refill. Wifey likes to dip it with sundae, it's her comfort food.

I dunno when my craving for Twister Fries will be over, I hope my budget will not bloat. How about you, have you crossed paths again?

BTW, Ice Age 3 Happy Meal is also out. Manny the Mammoth toy is the best-seller, I've got to have that one for Darryll.

Tim Burton Alice in Wonderland | First look on Johnny Depp Mad Hatter

Walt Disney Pictures has released the first promotional photos from Tim Burton’s 3D re-imagining of Alice in Wonderland. From these preview pictures, it looks like it's another winning hit! Yes, that's Johnny Depp as the freakish-looking Mad Hatter, Helena Bonham-Carter as the Red Queen, Anne Hathaway as the White Queen, and 19-year old Mia Wasikowska as Alice.

We’ve also included the newly-released Alice in Wonderland trailer and the new concept art that shows the White Rabbit (Michael Sheen), the egg-shaped Tweedledee and Tweedledum (Matt Lucas), Alan Rickman is the Caterpillar and Stephen Fry plays Cheshire Cat.

Tim Burton, the incredible director whose masterpieces includes Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, Edward Scissorhands, Sleepy Hollow, Mars Attacks, and Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street. Unfortunately, we must wait until March 2010 which is the initial play date. I am so looking forward to Burton's dark take on Lewis Carroll's timeless classic story! It combines two novels Alice's Adventures in Wonderland and the sequel Through the Looking-Glass.

2009 NBA Draft Report Cards | NBA Draft Day Trades And Results

The 2009 NBA Draft will be held on June 25, 2009 at the WaMu Theater at Madison Square Garden in New York City. This year’s NBA Draft picks will also have a live TV broadcast on ESPN at 7:00 pm ET. You can also watch the live stream online of the NBA Draft Preview show on ESPN 360 website.

Complete List of the 2009 NBA Draft Results:
1. Los Angeles Clippers: Blake Griffin (check)
2. Memphis Grizzlies: Hasheem Thabeet (c)
3. Oklahoma City Thunder: James Harden (c)
4. Sacramento Kings: Tyreke Evans (c)
5. Minnesota Timberwolves: Ricky Rubio (c)
6. Minnesota Timberwolves: Jonny Flynn (x:DeMar DeRozan)
7. Golden State Warriors: Stephen Curry (x: Jordan Hill)
8. New York Knicks: Jordan Hill (x:Stephen Curry)
9. Toronto Raptors: DeMar DeRozan (x:Jonny Flynn)
10. Milwaukee Bucks: Brandon Jennings (x:Jrue Holiday)
11. New Jersey Nets: Terrence Williams
12. Charlotte Bobcats: Gerald Henderson (c)
13. Indiana Pacers: Tyler Hansbrough (c)
14. Phoenix Suns: Earl Clark (c)

Brandon Jennings
Terrence Williams
Eric Maynor
Ty Lawson
Jeff Teague

Interestingly, DeJuan Blair fell out of the first round and landed on the 37th pick of the San Antonio Spurs.

Complete List of the 2009 Draft Day Trades:
The Orlando Magic acquired Vince Carter from the New Jersey Nets in exchange for Rafer Alston, Courtney Lee and Tony Battie.

Meanwhile, before NBA Draft 2009 commence later, a few trades occured, aiming to slah payroll for some teams or seek help in their lineup.

As expected, the Washington Wizards trade their No. 5 pick in this year's draft, plus Oleksiy Pecherov, Etan Thomas and Darius Songaila, to hte Minnesota Timberwolves in exchange for Randy Foye and Mike Miller. This should help the Wiz, as they were looking for veteran perimeter help while getting rid of expiring contracts.

The Milwaukee Bucks, needing to go under luxury tax line, sent Richard Jefferson to the Spurs for Kurt Thomas, Fabricio Oberto and Bruce Bowen. This will help the Spurs to take some pressure off an ageing Tim Duncan and oft-injured Manu Ginobili.

Then the Bucks sent Oberto to the Detroit Pistons for forward Amir Johnson. The Pistons buy out Oberto off his contract, thus making him a free agent and possibly go back to the Spurs.

Lola Techie DSL Commercial | BayanTEL Techie Lola Ad VIDEO

When I first saw it during the commercial break, i was amazed with the Lola Techie DSL Commercial | Bayan DSL techie Lola ad on TV. that's a big WHOAAAH! Lola Techie is using facebook. I remember Darryll's Momita, asking me to create her account for the longest time, but I always beg off.

The ad even shows a website, which directs you to the BayanDSL page with their online application of a BayanDSL line. They are currently agressive in marketing BayanDSL, showering every lamp posts with posters.

Excerpts from her webcam chat with her apo:

"ilang ulit na akong nagsuperpoke sa 'yo sa facebook, di ka man magpoke back! kakausapin mo lang ako kapag may kailangan ka sa computer. idodropkick na kita!"

In any case, if you still haven't seen this lola techie commercial ad, here is the Youtube Video, grabbed from lola techie's Youtube page. I wonder how many grandpas or grandmas out there can relate with cyberspeak she used in the ad.

Shiloh Pepin Mermaid Girl | Mermaid Syndrome

Shiloh Pepin Mermaid Girl: Mermaid Syndrome. A rare congenital deformity called Sirenomelia has struck the little girl Shiloh Pepin. Also called the mermaid syndrome, where the two legs of the child attached together that looks like an appearance like a mermaid's tail.

Shiloh Pepin Mermaid Girl video/photo

The Mermaid Syndrome is so rare which is found in about 1:100,000 live births.

Recently Shiloh Pepin has been featured in a documentary entitled as "Mermaid Girl". The one hour long documentary followed Shiloh in her home of Kennebunkport, Maine in 2007. With her obvious difficulties of the brave little girl is determined to live a normal life. Her courage is a source of inspiration, as sung with passion. Even if it is born with one leg, has more courage and hope that the other is always smiling and continuing to move forward. It is also very intellectual, and speaks of the maturity of tone. Shiloh Pepin is only one of three surviving sirenomelia (mermaid syndrome) patients who do not have the usual kidney and bladder complications.

Brother’s Burger Flashback-Anniversary promo!

The year 1999 was a headline year when everybody is paranoid with the Y2K bug. Little did we know, Brother's Burger was born that same year. To celebrate ten year of good business, Brother's Burger treats us with their famous Big Brother’s Burger and the Brothers Pounder Burger just like it was 10 years ago.

On June 23, Brother’s Burger the chain that started the burger revolution, will be rolling back its price to its two popular burgers to its original price tag when it started on 1999!

On June 23, the Flashback-Rollback promo will be held all stores. From 10am to 10pm, Big Brothers Burger and Brothers Pounder will be sold at 1999 prices, P85.00 and P135.00 respectively.

Remember, this is a one-day affair only. So feast on these great tasting burgers like its 1999!

Aside from the price slash promo , they will also have the BBX ThanksGifting Promo. Customers need to have a single receipt purchase of Php 500 and they will be entitled to receive a BBX ThanksGifting Card which will serve as a loyalty card. It will be stamped by Brothers Burger crew everytime you come back. Free items can be claimed for every stamped placed in the card. It can also allow the customer the chance to win an all-expense holiday for 2 at the 7,107 Islands Cruise ship. This promo will be valid from June 30-December 30, 2009.

TNA Slammiversary 2009 Full Results | Watch TNA Slammiversary 2009 Live Streaming Online

Watch TNA Slammiversary 2009 Live Streaming Online. TNA Slammiversary 2009 Live Free will be held at The Palace of Auburn Hills, Michigan on June 21. TNA fans can see exclusive Live Match and 30 minutes of NONSTOP ACTION for FREE. Total Nonstop Action (TNA) Wrestling will simulcast the “Slammiversary Countdown 2009” pay-per-view pre-show event free of charge this Sunday, June 21 at 7:30 p.m. ET / 4:30 p.m. PT live on

King of the mountains Match: TNA World Heavyweight Champion Mick Foley (c) vs. Jeff Jarrett vs. A.J. Styles vs. Samoa Joe vs. Kurt Angle

Rules for King of the Mountain: The overall aim of the match is to hang the TNA World title above the ring but you must become eligible to do so. You can become eligible through pinning or submitting one of your four opponents and Falls Count Anywhere, if you are pinned or submitted you must spend two minutes in the penalty box. The winner is the first eligible man to hang the title above the ring.

Meanwhile, Kurt Angle said that his contract with TNA expires in September, but declined to say whether he’d re-sign with TNA or return to WWE.

TNA Slammiversary 2009 Results Winners

Kurt Angle defeated Mick Foley, Jeff Jarrett, A.J. Styles & Samoa Joe in a King of the Mountain match for the TNA World Heavyweight Championship

Beer Money, Inc. (Robert Roode and James Storm) defeated Team 3D (Brother Ray and Brother Devon) in a Tag team match for the TNA World Tag Team Championship.

Suicide defeated Jay Lethal vs. Consequences Creed vs. Alex Shelley vs. Chris Sabin in a King of the Mountain match for the TNA X Division Championship

Angelina Love defeated Tara in a Singles match for the TNA Women’s Knockout Championship

String defeated Matt Morgan in a Singles match; if Morgan wins he joins The Main Event Mafia

Abyss and Taylor Wilde defeated Raven and Daffney vs. in a Monster’s Ball Mixed Tag Team match

Daniels defeated Shane Douglas in a Singles match; if Douglas wins he will take Daniels’ TNA roster spot

Team Pilipinas got a favorable draw at FIBA Asia 2009

Now it is called Group of Hope. Team Pilipinas are bracketed with Korea, Japan and Sri Lanka, giving a sigh of hope in its campaign of FIBA Asia Champioinship on August 6-16, with a new longer format of elimination.

Under the new format said to be patterned after the World Cup of Soccer, Powerade-RP just needs to be in the top three in its group to make the next round playing the top three in Group B.

Current champs Iran are bracketed in Group B with Chinese-Taipei, Kuwait and Uzbekistan. Group C has Kazakhstan, Qatar, China and India, while Lebanon, Jordan, United Arab Emirates and Indonesia, slug it out in Group D. Host country China has the option to choose which group they would belong, and chose a group with an easier path to the quarterfinals.

The format calls for each group to play one round in the first phase. The top three from each group advance to the next round where qualifiers from Group A ranged against counterparts from Group B and qualifiers from Group C taking on counterparts from Group D, carrying over their first-round record excluding the result of the game against the eliminated team.

The luck of the draw has prevented Team Pilipinas in facing powerhouse teams China, Lebanon and Jordan until the quarterfinal round. "Korea and Japan are no pushovers. We still have to work very hard, scout them and do our homework," said Team Pilipinas coach Yeng Guiao, referring to the heartaches given by these teams in the past tourneys.

Team Pilipinas still needs to win all elimination games, or at worst, lose only one, as the top four teams from the two groups (A/B and C/D) then meet in a 1st place vs. 4th place, 2nd vs. 3rd cross-over quarterfinals, with the winners moving to the cross-over semifinals.

The top three finishers will earn tickets to represent Asia at the World Championships in Turkey next year.

First Look at Marian Rivera in Darna Costume PHOTOS

Here is the first glimpse of Marian Rivera as the new Darna, to be shown on the fourth quarter of this year. Could this teaser poster be enough to put Marian Rivera again at the top of 2009 FHM Philippines 100 sexiest, which is in the final stage of voting?

Network executives say that this will be a different Darna altogether since they will pattern the character to Marian Rivera’s personality. Also, Mark Anthony Fernandez has been chosen as one of Marian Rivera's leading men. Iwa Moto plays Narda's antagonist as The Babaing Ahas.

Marian Rivera as Darna Picture
Marian Rivera as Darna Picture

Taken during the Philippine Independence Day parade (in front of the GMA booth) in Manhattan, NY (USA) last June 7, 2009.

UPDATE: Screenshot of the new Darna Costume. The new Darna outfit to be worn by Marian Rivera in “Narda” is the most daring of all Darna gear in the costume’s design history. This is one HOT costume.

Megan Fox Haz Thumb of an Toe Shocking PHOTOS!

God is somewhat fair. He didn't created a perfect human being. As I noticed in previous post of Megan Fox in Transformers 2 Premiere in Seoul, what an awkward thumb she got in there. Is this was done Photoshop ninjas?

Megan Fox may be that hot and that headturner, but does not have that womanly thumb as you would expect from her, looks like mutant thumb as we cannot imagine that revelation. The whole daydreaming was RUINED because she got a mutant thumb !

Megan Fox is absolutely stunning and has a sassy attitude - those thumbs are just one little imperfection in a awesome package!

More on her thumb:

Megan Fox Thumb Nail Picture | Megan Fox Thumbs Photo

Facebook Restaurant City Tips Certified for Fast Level, Gourmet Points, Money and 50 Popularity

1. For beginners, focus on ONE starter, main and dessert. Make sure you level-up to reach level 10. The higher level of your menu means more gourmet points.

For a level 10 meal, you will get 2,8 gourmet points (GP) for every meal. For example, my first menu for starter is Bruschetta with Tomato and Basil, my main is Spaghetti Carbonara, and my dessert is Banana Split. After I finish this three menu to level 10, and then I'll try to complete another menu.

You'll notice the gourmet point panel does not have a decimal value. Decimal values will be accumulated until it reach a point. As a safeguard, I level-up my menu until level 6, that give me a precise 2.0 GP.

2. Aside from your daily freebie and daily food quiz, free ingredients are given for first-time visit on your friend’s restaurant. Get a lot of friends from Restaurant City Fan Groups. Most of them wants to be added and have free ingredients too. Just keep in mind, don’t delete your friend too fast. Not every player always online on RC, they may be in different time zones. Wait at least 12 hours before deleting them (I am deleting them after 2 days!)

Don't add to many RC friends, your loading RC animation may take too long. As a precaution, I keep 60-80 RC friends at a time.

3. I suggest DO NOT choose menu that includes tomato, flour, potato, salad and prawn and other ONE-STAR ingredients, for these are really HARD-to-FIND. When choosing what menu should you develop, make sure the ingredients are different. Why?? because it will be easier to get 10 items for each ingredients rather than try to find 20 or more.

Example, my three menu contain bacon, egg, pasta, cream, banana, ice cream, tomato, basil, and bread. No same ingredients at all. ^^

4. Before hitting the trading spree, check your friends menu on what ingredients he needs. This is to lessen the possibility of your offer to be declined. You can always check your friends menu unless the menu list is not shown in the resto.

5. Unlike in Cake Mania, high cost stoves won’t cook your food fast so don’t splurge on this item on early levels.

6. Toilets are only useful upon reaching level 8. You won't have to assign a cleaner for the toilets, there's a simple trick for this. Go to the Indoors decoration shop, just drag the dirty toilet out to the inventory and put them back at your resto, and walla!, an instant clean toilet.

7. On earning more money. This will depend on your popularity so you need to work on your popularity to rise up so you will get more people to eat in your restaurant. You can extra bucks by shaking the trees outside your restaurant or your friend’s restaurant.

Also, cleaning the trash inside your restaurant will give you extra coins. Again, you won't have to assign a cleaner for this. Just simply click each trash and it's gone. You can also pick up your friend’s trash.

Also, leaving your restaurant open even if you’re offline will give you additional bucks. Your earnings will depend on your popularity rate.

8. Your restaurant City layouts is pretty important. Here are some Restaurant City Layouts to make to table arrangements efficient.

Keep your waiters from walking too far serving dishes.

On creating maze. Simply put some obstacles near the entrance, by creating a maze, getting your customers to walk a further distance before getting to sit down, gives more time for your waiters to clean up the table. This helps in keeping the customer happy too, since the programmer gives the customer an “irritated” meter that affect to your restaurant’s popularity.

Add some extra chairs that would serve waiting chairs as for those extra customers.

9. Save up for that precious arcade.

Arcade are heplpful as it keep extra customers busy and they leave your restaurant without a thumbs down remark, which greatly affects your popularity. Currently priced at 8000 coins, that's a lot of coins. Before your decorating extravaganza, be sure you have enough coin for that arcade.

10. Your crew's energy affects popularity too. 90%-100% energy will get into peak popularity so I suggest to keep them at these levels. With high popularity, customers will start to pour, thus making your restaurant crowded, with more customers getting annoyed with slow service, dirty toilets among others. With proper personnel management, you can sustain that popularity, thus you have to really have to get into the game.

Hope it will help you. If you have any questions, just feel free to ask.

Hayden Cam continues: Maricar Reyes-Hayden Kho Part 3

Part 3 of the Maricar Reyes-Hayden Kho pumping action series in who-knows-how-many-is-they-have! Here we see the sex-starved couple did the deed in the comfort of the sofa! They beat the odds of securing of no visitors allowed.

Read More Hayden Cam continues: Maricar Reyes-Hayden Kho Part 3

Unless Maricar reyes shows up in front of Senator Bong Revilla for her newlyfound fame.

In case of the videos, i can't show it here. I don't tolerate it. Try "Googling" it. as my colleague Nel Mael says. But I leave you with screen shot of Maricar Reyes-Hayden Kho never-ending-lust.

It started with a kiss.

It turns out going wilder and wilder every new release. Severe frontal nudity and the actual love making. Now, with matching audio.

Megan Fox Black Dress at Transformers 2 Seoul Premiere

Megan Fox was very sexy as she showed off the tops of her breasts through her little black dress (sheer dress) at the Seoul premiere of 'Transformers 2' on Tuesday, June 9, 2009. The 23-year-old Megan fox was accompanied by her director Michael Bay and co-star Shia LaBeouf. Megan Fox was sharing the red carpet with a 16ft robot.

Megan Fox Black Dress at Transformers 2 Seoul Premiere
See Also: Megan Fox shows Legs at Transformers 2 Berlin Premiere

WWE Extreme Rules 2009 | Watch WWE Extreme Rules 2009 Live Stream Online

Batista is back on PPV. After suffering from an injury, it's time for payback to the one who did the injury, Randy Orton. Let's all watch WWE Extreme Rules 2009 Live Stream! You shouldn't miss the WWE Extreme Rules 2009 Live on pay-per-view(PPV). We are all excited to watch WWE Extreme Rules 2009 Live Stream Video. WWE Extreme Rules 2009 is an upcoming professional wrestling, which will be held at the New Orleans Arena in New Orleans, Louisiana. This year's theme song is "You're Going Down" by Sick Puppies.

Buy tickets and be there to watch it Live. Or watch WWE Extreme Rules 2009 Live Stream. WWE Extreme Rules 2009 Results and links to WWE Extreme Rules 2009 replay video will be added here.

Watch live video from Extreme Rules HQ No Lag No Shutdown on

Every sports event that's as big as WWE Extreme Rules 2009 Live, like for instance the previous WWE PPV fights and upcoming WWE American Bash 2009 PPV, the previous Pacquiao fights, will be highly searched. This is evident by the visits everytime a WWE event is coming to their boobtube or the lack of it.

If you are not so familiar with how the blogosphere works, let me tell you some useful information. When fights or matches like WWE Extreme Rules 2009 Livecomes, the traffic brought about by keywords: "WWE Extreme Rules 2009 Live online, WWE Extreme Rules 2009 Live streaming online free".

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