eto na ang umpisa ng tatawaging kong pobre. goodbye na sa pagiging movie-critique, este, blockbuster-whore. kaya ililista ko na lang yung mga movies, kung sakaling may malinaw na DVD na, nasilip man lang. (sobbing)

Ang kawawang pobre. Pinagpalit ang kutson sa banig. Hanggang basa ng reviews at spoilers na lang muna ako.

Shrek 3. Boring daw. Pilit pinapahaba parang mga Pinoy telenovela.

Pirates 3.

Ocean's 13.

Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer

Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix


Ratatouille (Animation). Wala pakialaman. Gusto ko rin naman ng pambata pamisan-minsan.

Office Stress

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Twist of Fate

im undergoing a lot of uncertainties right now.
after all that fun, and just one snap of a finger, everything changes in a sudden.
im not prepared to do all of this.
im so freakin worried on the extra baggage!
now i realize, time is so short, i cant believe im missing my family right now, just even in thoughts.


sea otters in Vancouver aquarium, holding hands while walking? holding paws while floating, i mean. how SWEET!

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