Shopping Spree

wahhh! my stagnant brain cells went to work again!
Astronomy sucks! that's why everybody hates that topic! We need an aeronautics engineer down here! Hahaha!

Good thing, another payday weekend coming up! when I say weekend payday, it means 3day sales.. These malls are siphoning my money, having to travel, then stroll, then after you get tired, eat! Expenses, expenses, expenses!

But I can't resist the temptation, after window-shopping all those years!

Me, an impulsive buyer? Nope! Let's just say, mall-hopping, with empty pockets no more!

Odd-looking Buildings

"Crooked House"
You know that your looking at a real building right? The Crooked House, built in 2004, is an addition at a popular shopping center, and is a major tourist attraction in Sopot, Poland. We just wonder what happens when someone who's under a controlled substance sees this building for the first time in their life.

"Robot Building"
The great Bank of Asia is a famous building in Bangkok. It was made way back in 1985, and its robotic appearance is just a symbol of banking in the modernize world. It also has the ability to transform into a spectacular robot. So, if Godzilla ever decided to show his green face in the land of Bangkok, they would have to fight!

"Dancing House"
Here's a building that should get your attention when walking pass it. The Dancing House is considered as one of the more real controversial buildings in Prague. A talented architect from California designed this House, which only proves that he had done some hallucinogen while designing the damn thing.

Funny Komiks

Langya. nami-miss ko na ang Funny Komiks! sila Bardagol, Tomas en Kulas at especially, Combantron.

Yun ang sikat noong kamusmusan ko. Wala pang Naruto at sangkatutak na anime noon. Pati ang tiyahin ko ay may memorabilia ng funny komiks, circa 1975. (Galing! na-compile nya!) Nabasa ko pa yun. Sina Niknok, Mang Ke, Mang Kok..

Sayang nga, at napunit na ng mga kapatid ko yung mga naipon ko. Naalala ko pa noon, super good deeds ako ng huwebes para may sustento ng pambili ng funny komiks.. Hehe! Huwarang-anak mode!

Combatron. ABS? GMA? Pwedeng gawing fantaserye ito.. Feeling ko mataas naman ang ratings.. Kahit nde sikat ta-artis, basta makuha lang ang mga costume, tsaka walang cinematic ka-dramahan.

Toei animation? Pwede ring original Filipino anime.

College basketball

start of the ber-months. it's basketball season once again. To start with, its already the finals in the NCAA, with Philippine Christian University and San Beda College desputing for this year's crown. i don't have time to watch it (games are M-W-F), because of the work schedule (naks! WORK!).
San Beda has improved under coach Koy Banal, and with their notable addition, Nigerian Sam Ekwe, they are tough to beat. But PCU are in the Finals for the third straight year, so they know how to play under pressure. I won't put a bet on any team, since i haven't watched (couldn't watch) any of their games.

While in the other (more popular) tournament, the UAAP, the Ateneo Blue Eagles advanced to the Finals after beating the Adamson Falcons, but "NOT" without a scare.
Meanwhile, the UST Tigers saw a ray of life as they beat the UE Red Warriors, which had a twice-to-beat advantage. I hope its still Ateneo-UE showdown, coz they are the powerhouse teams.

Green Tea goes Fruity

URC's claim as an "alternative" to sodas: C2 green tea, has launched 4 new flavors, namely: Kiwi, Lychee, Forest Fruits and Strawberry. I've tried the first 3. Forest Fruits, which is predominantly grape flavor, and Kiwi are new to my tastebuds. But still, nothing beats the black tea flavor.

But I've heard that they (C2) are under market testing. Eventually dropping the two least marketable.
So hurry! Products good while supply last. Do I look like an endorser here? (Don't even think about it! They'll go bankrupt if they tap me..)

Buddy System

Well, yan na lang ang masasabi ko sa Pilipinas kong mahal. It's good to have friends. Wag lang padrino system.


hay! bakit ba ang daming hate na hate ang math? Dahil ba sa numbers, o sa mga x's at y's na naglipana?

eh ginagamit naman sa tuwi-tuwina ang pagkwenta ng kwarta!

kung tutuusin, hindi applicable ang ilan.. tulad na lamang ng mga age at mixture problems, mala-brain twister ito. eh, lalo na ang mga work problems, pang-Math Olympics kumbaga! hahaha!

eh ang Trigo? kamusta naman ang mga angles?

Ang paniniwala ng karamihan, pag matalino ka sa math, kabaligtaran naman sa English and vice versa. Teka, paano ka makakasagot kung hindi mo lubusang naiintindihan yung tanong? Ipapa-translate mo pa sa Tagalog, para maintindihan mo? Ano yun? Kalokohan!

bakit ninyo naman ako sasabihan na mayabang, kung nasasagutan ko man ang mga math problems na ito? Regalo ito ng nasa Itaas, dinevelop ko lang. At hindi ko naman ipinagdadamot ang pagtuturo nito. All you have to do is ask..

Higher math? ibang usapan na yan? Kay Einstein na kayo magtanong!

Fish bone

Nangyari na ba sa inyong natinik? (Natural! Hindi ka tao pag hindi pa!)

Tanginang tinik yan! Sobrang kapit! Sya ang dahilan kung bakit ayaw kong kumain ng isda!

Sinubukan ko na uminom ng tubig, baka natulak ng tubig.. No success!
Hanap ng saging! Patay! Walang saging! Kung kelan mo kailangan, tsaka wala. Pag merong saging, pipilitan pa ako ni warden na kumain!

Ang hirap lumunok, ha?! Gusto kong nang sungkitin sa ngala-ngala ko.

Hmmm! May pumasok sa utak ko! (Ting!) MacGyver mode na ito! Ang stock kong marshmallow!

Success! Wais ito! Innovation comes from necessity!

FIBA World championships 2006, Japan

It's down to four, Spain, Argentina, Greece, USA. But before that, it was a very interesting elimination round. Although I haven't watched any games, it's nice to read that the lightweights are closing the gap with the heavyweights. Angola gave Germany a run for their money, bowing out after 3 overtime periods. China beat Slovenia in a buzzer-beater. France losing to Lebanon. And other close-margin games.

Update: What a SHOCKER! The two favorites to meet in the finals, USA and Argentina, lost their semifinal match against Greece and Spain, respectively. Team USA had troubles with their outside game, as other nations are closing the gap by utilizing the perimeter. This is because the NBA promote the individual talents with their isolation plays.
Let's switch back to Lebanon, who played against Team Philippine for a couple of practice games prior to the tournament. The Philippines beat the Lebanese in those two games. Oh! It was just a practice game, hiding some of their best-kept tactics. But at least, we have a chance in world competitions, just like them.

Can't wait to see our shooters burn the hoops on international competition. Ren-ren Ritualo for three! (9 times!) James Yap for three! (Shoot! Papa James!)

Putang ina mo Joey Lina! Para kang tuko kung makakapit. Ano ba meron dyan sa puwestong yan?

To switch or not to switch

Busy pa din sa trabaho! Pero nasabukan ko na yung Blogger beta. Bagong tags na naman!

Ipagpapalit ko ba yung bago, sa tried and tested na template at anik anik na sidebar contents? Hindi na noh! At home na ako dito sa MOBO background eh..

Pero sayang yung "categories" option dun sa beta.

Updated: Salamat kay Cyberpunk, tinuruan nya ako maglagay ng JavaScript. Now, I changed my mind.

PBA rookie 2006

Oh my! I forget to post my analysis on the Draft. Sorry for the delay... Been too busy at work. Better late than never!

1. Sta. Lucia – Kelly Williams. SLR is looking for a player who can do everything, a super-athlete… No wonder they changed their team policy on hiring half-Filipino players. Good and bad for Williams, good in the sense that he can showcase his talent right away. Bad is that his wear rate will be fast ‘cause he will be asked to (wrong! he needs to) play the 2, 3, 4, and 5 positions (whew! hopefully, not at the same time), and worse, there’s no such thing as help. Take that!

2. Air21 Express – Arwind Santos. FEU. A multi-awarded, player, during his amateur ranks, will have to battle for minutes against mainstays Ranidel de Ocampo and KG Canaleta, who plays the same position. #19 fans, prepare to see him wearing another number.

3. Coca-Cola – Joseph Yeo. DLSU. The Ninja, as they called him, has a lot of work to do. He is an undersized slasher, and has a limited range. (tsamba ‘pag nakashoot ‘yan ng jumpshot, that’s all). What nice with him is: (drums) introducing! PBA trash talks. Who will emerge as Payton’s protege: Yeo or Caguioa? Basically, I don’t know what the Coca-cola management is up to.

4. San Miguel Beer – LA Tenorio. Ateneo. Olsen Racela is retiring very, very soon. And they are locked on picking Tenorio since last year. That’s why the previous team (Coke) chose the next available talent.

5. San Miguel Beer – Gabby Espinas. Phil. Christian Univ. The only ROY/MVP in NCAA histoty. Best available big man. Height is a prime commodity here. Especially when Ildefonso plays hurt (? Ang sabihin mo, larong mayaman na!)

6. Sta. Lucia – Mark Isip. FEU. Played alongside Arwind all of his carreer. Got easy shots whenever Arwind was covered by two defenders. Wished Sta. Lucia took Arwind, choose RJ Rizada afterwards, traded for Denok Miranda, pirated coach Koy Banal. They have Cesar Catli already. (F na F!)

7. Alaska – Aaron Aban. Letran. Leaping ability is also a ticket to the professional league. It brings excitement to the audience. Can’t wait to see triple A in the slam dunk competition.

8. Talk ‘n Text – Mark Andaya. Letran. An overrated pick! A project that is. This is PBA, not the NBA. Haven’t seen a successful project yet. Another Frederick Canlas/Erwin Sotto/Mark Kong in the making.

9. Purefoods – Boyet Bautista. Letran. Third Knight to be drafted. One thing is for sure: someone has to go… goodbye, Artadi! As quick as Artadi but wayyyyy better shooting.

10. Welcoat – Abby Santos. UP. A new team just entered the league. And they need players, especially big men. It’s nice to see this guy developed his perimeter game, a recent requirement for a big man. Had an impressive showing on the rookie camp. Wished Bautista landed here, so he could play more minutes.

Notable name left in the waiting room after the first round: Ronjay Enrile. I wonder why he got unnoticed. A former NCAA MVP and a star Knight before Bautista and Aban took over. Didn’t make waves in the PBL, maybe that’s why.

Players directly raised by Welcoat from their PBL roster: Jun-jun Cabatu, Jay-R Reyes, and Jay Sagad. Most notable of them is Cabatu, son of former PBA player Sonny Cabatu, who vastly improved in the PBL.

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