LG Lollipop 2 Cellphone not just for Girls, also for GLAM


LG is current releasing its Lollipop 2 phone in Korea. The phone is also known as LG-SU430, KU4300 and LU4300. It's a very adorable clamshell phone designed with the young, text-happy teens and tweens in mind. With its cutie color scheme it is sure to be a hit with the girls and gays alike. This new version has a 2.5 times more hidden LED (hidden under the phone lid). This means you can “Pimp” your phone any way you want with your desired graphic or animation.

Taking the Kpop group Big Bang to spread the buzz about the exciting new product, 'homo' get-ups just sucks.

It also lets you apply specific animation for your SMS, e-Mail and calls. You also are treated to 5 different “Cute” themes or skins for your GUI, the usual DMB TV tuner, Camera, GPS and much more. It's definitely a steal.



Ramon Bautista Mo Twister Election Infomercial

Mo Twister-Ramon Bautista poll education video: WAY BETTER than Sexbomb's May Bilog na hugis itlog. Hope this get more air-time.

If the Sexbomb Dancers’s “May Itlog…” video left you scratching your head, perhaps this new instructional video can change that.


An instructional video s by (It’s better automated) I.b.a. Na Ngayon, the COMELEC’s revamped election website aimed to educate people about the electoral process, and disseminate canvassing information, features comedian Ramon Bautista and DJ Mo Twister assisting a confused grandmother as she votes using the new automated system.

Check out the Sexbomb's intructional video below.

Which one do you like better? You be the judge.


Perks of being a Senator in the Philippines

There are a number of perks for being a senator in the Philippines, aside from being honorable and names printed in history books.

My previous post on Perks of a Senator. This is in time with the upcoming Elections. Just you wonder why candidates spend millions for a cheap salary. Senator Miriam Defensor-Santiago tells us why.

Many candidates are running for Senator, not for public service but the budget given to them each month. It appears that P35,000 salary per month is just a front, they with the millions budget each senator has per month. Each got a Fixed Monthly Budget approximately P2 Million.

Each Offices has P500K budget for Maintenance and Operating Expenses (Rental, Utilities, Supplies at Domestic Travels); and another P500K for Staff at Personal expenses.

So to save expenses, err, to limit once spending, they get a few staff to work with. Wondering why you have Ghost Employee? Moreover, a P760K Foreign Travel allowance And to make it worse, no need to liquidate the receipts of the expenses, it only requires them a Certification.

All are Chairman of a certain Committee. The Committee Chairman receives also the same budget accepted by Senators of around P1 Million! Each one has a Committee for the 24 Senators and there are 37 Committees.

There's food for everybody! It appears to double their benefits and when you are blessed with a Committee Chairmanship. Then there's P200 Million Pork Barrel Budget each year, which will automatically have 10% (P20 million) of SOP. This is the percentage provided by the contractor to Senators that gave them the Infrastructure and Livelihood Project. Before the term of a senator ends, he earned P100 million in the Pork Barrel alone. Other greedy ones make not only 10%, but they insist on 20 - 30% commission from the contractor.

Note the changing lives of some of our Senators from the time they start their term. Once previously simple lives, now becomes lifestyle of the rich and famous, they live in exclusive subdivisions, many houses here and abroad and more than five vehicles. Now you still wondering why spend hundreds of millions of pesos the Senators to campaign for a position P35K per month salary? They can recover their campaign expenses once they become one?

FHM X 10th year Anniversary Promo

In celebration with ten fruitful year of men's magazine publication, FHM.com.ph is giving away the COMPLETE SET of FHM Philippines (exclusive of specials like the FHM Lingerie book and the like, take note!).

Just have to answer to the question in 100 words: Why do you deserve the complete FHM collection?

Because of repeatedly spam entries, FHM.com.ph has these stiff criteria:

1. There won't be any specified number of commenter anymore.
2. One entry per person only.
3. Only 100-word answers only. And yes, we will be strict with the word count.

Ten years' worth of FHM is no joke so the most compelling, the most heart-warming, the most moving answer gets the prize. All entries will be read by a select team of judges.

Nokia to launch Dual-SIM phones

For the moment, Samsung is the only important phone manufacturer interested in making and selling dual SIM handsets. Nokia has hinted at coming up with dual SIM sets on entry-level models to counter the competition. Nokia Dual SIM phones will hit the markets soon, and something worth waiting for.

According to Eldar Murtazin from Mobile Review, leaked most of Nokia’s 2010 line up well ahead of schedule, a Nokia dual SIM mid-end phone line will go on sale from the second quarter of 2010, between April and June.

A Nokia Russia official has apparently confirmed this, although there are absolutely no details about the phones’ features and design.

Georgina Wilson in Bench's “Lost in Summer” ad

Checkout the gorgeous Georgina Wilson in Bench's “Lost in Summer” ad campaign (2010).

More photos below....

[Photos courtesy by Bench]


Super Bowl Ads 2010

Super Bowl 2010: Video Ads and Commercials of Super Bowl XLIV. Aside from the Super Bowl game itself, people look forward at watching commercials premiering during halftime. What else can you do while stuck at halftime? Advertisers place spectacular commercials even at a hefty price tag for a 30-second ad on most-watched event of the year!

Because people loves to watch Super Bowl commercials over and over again, then here are all the videos of Super Bowl 2010 Ads and Commercials for your viewing pleasure. Enjoy guys!

Bud Light Asteroid Ad

Megan Fox Motorola Ad

Megan Fox was naked in a bathtub for Motorola’s Super Bowl commercial, but it wasn’t her sexiness that caught my attention, it was the fact that it switch hands and get a "thumb double" during a close-up shot! If you are a Megan Fox worshiper like many of us are, you must know that her biggest flaw is that she has a toe thumb.

FLO TV: My Generation Ad

Monster.com Fiddling Beaver Ad

GoDaddy Super Bowl

Boost Mobile Ad

Google: Parisian Love Ad

The one commercial that came out of field and moved me to tears — seriously, we were totally bawling — was the Google Search Stories ad: “Parisian Love”. Simple, elegant, and beautifully produced, it was a sweeping, epic love story stuffed into one lovely little minute. Really touching stuff.

Intel Lunch Room Ad

Go Daddy: News

Vizio Beyonce Ad

Cars.com Ad

Other Super Bowl Ads 2010

Snickers Super Bowl Ad

Survivor: Heroes Vs. Villains Ad

Hyundai Sonata Ad

Doritos Ad

Robin Hood Spot

Doritos: House Rules Ad


Coca-Cola / Simpsons Ad

Undercover Boss Ad (CBS)

Doritos Casket Ad

Wolfman Ad

The Good Wife

Emerald Nuts: Awesomer

Hyundai Soata / Brett Favre Ad

VW Punchdub

Budweiser Bridge Ad

Denny’s Chicken Birthday Ad

Denny’s Chicken Warning

Alice in Wonderland


Homeaway Vacation Ad

Dr Pepper / KISS ad

Select 55 Ice Bottle Ad

Michelob Ultra – Little Bumps Ad

Budweiser Clydesdale Fence Ad

Late Show Ad

How, exactly, does this happen: A 15-second Superbowl ad featuring David Letterman, Oprah Winfrey and... Jay Leno? After taking shots at Leno for basically the whole month of January and getting a below-the-belt smacks right back, Letterman is the last person whom I would have expected to see sharing screen time with his former arch-rival.

Jinkee Pacquiao On Maxim Magazine

Jinkee Pacquiao is now very in demand on TV interviews, magazine cover, endorsements now a days and she became a household name after the Krista Ranillo-Manny Pacquiao bruhaha. Now to hold onto her celebrity status, Jinkee is eyeing Maxim Magazine to do a feature on her, but the popular men’s magazine declined to comment.

Jinkee didn’t want to appear too promiscuous (“daring, but not so much,” she said). Confused as to what she meant, the Maxim execs just decided to show her some concepts so that she can choose which is closest to what she envisions for her first sexy cover.

Jinkee Pacquiao posing à la Jackie Rice

Jinkee Pacquiao posing à la Nina Jose

Jinkee Pacquiao posing à la Rufa Mae Quinto

Jinkee Pacquiao posing à la Krista Ranillo

Jinkee Pacquiao posing à la Geneva Cruz

Jinkee Pacquiao posing à la Andrea del Rosario

Jinkee Pacquiao posing à la Paloma

Jinkee Pacquiao posing à la Angelica Panganiban

Jinkee curled her lips into a smile. Manny Pacquiao, always the alert man, asked why his wife is so eager to pose like the girlfriend of Derek Ramsey, who was recently linked to her. So the Maxim people, not wanting to disappoint the Pacman, hurriedly changed the concept into this:

Sexiest Weather Reporter

Don't you wish this gorgeous weathergirl reports about the upcoming summer instead of Kuya Kim? It's getting hot in here...(sing with me now)

Win These Davao Shirts!

Vernz of Some Things Are Free is hosting a contest where she is giving away these Davao shirts (for him and for her). Joining this contest is very easy. Check out the rules below.

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YugaTech is giving away a total of fifty-four consolation prizes and one major prize -- an MSI Wind 3G Netbook! What are you waiting for? Join the yugatechcontest!

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Mas Mahal Na Kita Ngayon Official Music Video (with lyrics)

Mas Mahal Na Kita Ngayon
Young Men
original by Michael V.

Mas mahal na kita ngayon, higit pa kesa noon
Mas mahal na kita ngayon, at sa habang panahon
Wala akong pakialam sa 'king nakaraan
Kahit na ako'y pinagtatawanan
Ang mahalaga'y mas mahal na kita ngayon

Di mo na 'ko tinutulak sa'ting hagdanan
Di mo na nilalagyan ng lason ang ulam
At sa gabi pag ako'y tulog nang mahimbing
Di mo na ako tinatakpan ng unan
Di mo na sinusubsob ang mukha ko sa kalan
Di mo na 'ko sinisipa sa 'king harapan
At mas makinis na rin ang balat sa dibdib
Dahil hinding hindi mo na 'ko pinakukulam
Ang hapdi at kirot ng sinapit ko noon
Di ko na ramdam pagkat mas mahal na kita ngayon

Mas mahal na kita ngayon
'Wag ka nang magtatanong
Basta't mahal na kita ngayon
Yan ang lagi kong tugon
Kahit di mo nakikita o nararamdaman
Ang aking tuwa ay walang paglagyan
Ang alam ko lang mas mahal na kita ngayon

Di mo na pinapakain ng para sa pusa
Di mo na pinipitik ang mata ng pigsa
At pag sinabi mo sa 'king damit ko'y maganda
Di na masyadong malakas ang iyong tawa
Di mo na 'ko pinasisinghot ng paminta
Di mo na nilalagyan ng langgam sa tenga
Hindi na kulay dugo ang aking paningin
Dahil hindi na hinihiwa ng blade sa mata
Ang hapdi at kirot ng sinapit ko noon
Di ko na ramdam pagkat mas mahal na kita ngayon
Ang mahalaga'y mas mahal na kita ngayon

Di mo na kinukwentong satanista ako
At ang nanay ko'y nireyp ng isang maligno
Nabawasan na rin ang bukol sa ulo
Dahil hindi mo na'ko pinapalo ng tubo
'Di mo na pinapalayas ng nakahubo
'Di mo na pinapaligo ng bagong kulo
Medyo hindi na rin ako nagmumukhang bungo
Dahil hindi mo na dinodonate ang aking dugo
Ang hapdi at kirot ng sinapit ko noon... howohuwohuwo
('Di ko na ramdam pagkat mas mahal na kita ngayon)
Kahit nasan ka man mas mahal na kita ngayon
Ang cute mo naman bagay ka sa iyong... ataul...
Hay salamat!

Villar Senate Speech on C5 Extension controversy

02 FEB 2010



Mr. President:

I stand before the Senate and the People of the Philippines in defense of my name, my honor, and dignity against my accusers in the so-called C5 controversy. To set the records straight and to prove to the Senator who called me coward na hindi ako duwag.

Wala pong DUWAG na taga-Tondo!

May kasabihan tayo na ang mga Pilipino ay may crab mentality. Sa aking kabataan ay kasama ko ang aking ina sa pagbenta ng pagkaing dagat sa palengke. Nakita ko na totoong ganun nga ang asal ng mga talangka -- hinahatak pababa ang kanyang kapwa.

Ang hindi ko maintindihan ay kung bakit sa dami-dami nang pagmamanahan ng ugali, sa talangka pa nagmana ang iba sa atin.

Ako’y dating mahirap; di ko ikinahihiya ang aking pinagmulan. Sa murang edad, nalaman ko agad na di ako kakain kung di ko ito pagpapawisan. Mula sa aking mga magulang – isang tindera at isang karaniwang empleyado – natutunan kong mabuhay nang marangal. Siyam kaming magkakapatid na itinaguyod sa malinis na pamamaraan.

Ngunit taas-noong kong masasabi sa inyo na kahit ng anong hirap ang dinanas namin, wala kaming inagawan, wala kaming inagrabyado. Wala sa dugo namin ang manloko o mandaya ng kapwa. Ang mga nakamit ko sa buhay ay aking pinagpaguran. Mula pa nung skwater ako sa Tondo, ang kinagisnan ko na ay ang magtrabaho. Kaya sa tulong ng maykapal, ng pagsusumikap at ng sipag at tiyaga ay naiahon ko ang sarili ko sa kahirapan.

Wala akong minanang yaman bukod sa kabutihang asal; ang lumingon sa pinanggalingan at tumulong sa nangangailangan.

Nung gumanda ang aking kapalaran, ninais kong suklian ang tadhana sa pamamagitan ng pagtutulong sa mga kapuspalad at manilbihan sa mga nangangailangan. Natanto ko na iyon ang aking misyon sa buhay kung kayat ako’y nabiyayaan.

Ngayon, bagamat nais kong ipagpatuloy ang serbisyo publiko, pilit akong hinihila pababa ng aking mga katunggali sa pulitika. Sila’y nagmimistulang mga talangka.

Sabi nila’y ako ay masyado daw mayaman. San daw galing ang yaman ko? Pilit nilang nilalagyan ng malisya ang pag-ahon ko mula sa kahirapan. Magpapayaman pa daw ako pag nanalo. Babawiin ko daw ang ginagastos ko sa kampanya.

I can explain my wealth. I am the principal shareholder in a public company that I founded.. From a small gravel and sand enterprise 30 years ago with but an old beaten up truck as its main asset, I have been able to grow it into a trustworthy, viable, and solid real estate company. It is a matter of public record.

Mahigit 250,000 na pong mga bahay ang naitatayo namin sa buong Pilipinas – karamihan para sa mga middle at lower income nating mga kababayan masipag at masinop.

In business circles, I have been known as the brown taipan.

Hindi ko kailangan ang 200 million pesos na sinasabi nilang nakimkim ko sa proyekto ng C5 extension. Di pa sila nakuntento ay pinalaki pa ito. Pagkatapos ng so-called investigation nila ay 6 billion pesos na daw ang napunta sa akin.

Pano po mampupunta sa akin ang 200 million pesos, Mr. President, kung:

Una, di pa nare-release ang nasabing 200 million pesos
Pangalawa, kung na-release man ito ay di dadaan sa kamay ko ang pondo dahil ang DPWH ang implementing agency.

Pano ko maibubulsa ang wala pa at ang hindi dumaan at dadaan sa kamay ko?

Uulitin ko po. Pulitika na naman ito.

Dalawang taon na po ang isyung ito. Hindi ko ubos-maisip kung bakit naggugugol po ang Senado ng ganito karaming oras upang ipilit sa taumbayan na ako ay magnanakaw.

Pilit na sisinira ang aking pangalan. Tinalakay nang napakaraming ulit na itong C5. Nadinig ko na ang mga akusasyon. Inihayag ko na ang aking saloobin at depensa nang napakaraming beses na din.

Walang makapagsasabi na hindi ako sumagot sa mga paratang sa senado. Nandito kayong lahat noong ako ay nagsalita dito. Nagsalita na din akong nang mahigit na isandaang ulit para sa media. Lahat ng pertinenteng dokumento ay kinalap at kinolekta namin sa aming official website na MannyVillar.com.ph. We printed informational pamphlets and even advertised. I personally brought journalists to the location. Wala akong nilihim tungkol sa aking partisipasyon sa marangal na proyektong ito.

Ako’y nananawagan na sana’y maging patas naman ang aking mga kasamahan sa senado. Noon ko pang sinabi at pinatunayang wala akong kasalanan at walang anomalya at katiwalian sa C5. Wag po nating hayaang maging kasangkapan ng pulitika ang napakagandang proyektong ito.

Subalit pano makakakita ang nagbubulagbulagan? Pano makakarinig ang nagbibingibingihan? At ika nga, ang pinakamahirap gisingin ay ang nagtutulug-tulugan. At higit sa lahat, pano magkakaroon ng hustisya at katotohanan sa isang kasong may hatol na bago pa man litisin?

Mr. President, I was condemned without the benefit of a fair trial.

Alam ko namang hindi ako titigilan. Yan ang dahilan, Mr. President, kaya ayaw kong sumali sa sarswelang ito na ikinubli sa tawag na imbestigasyon. Ang isang boxer ba ay lalaban pa kung may decision na ang mga hurado?

Sa kagustuhan nilang sirain ako sa mata ng bayan, ang isang marangal at napakandang proyekto pa ang babaluktutin at gagamitin laban sa akin.

This is precisely what’s wrong in our country, Mr. President.

Ang mga gumagawa ng tama at kabutihan ay ang siya pang kinakastigo. Kung ganyan ang ipagpapatuloy natin, wala nang mangangahas mangarap at gumawa ng mabuti. Only those with vision, capability, and are strong-willed can be part of something like the C5 project – a project that shows the country is moving forward. While many of us who want to get elected promise progress for our country, C5 is that promise realized. It is there for everyone to benefit from and take advantage of.

I am proud to be part of this project.

The construction of the road which is meant to serve the people is far from complete. A day lost in the development of the C5 extension project is a day taken away from the people we committed to serve. They need the road. They need our help. But some of the senators here have other needs – such as a need to embarrass me in public. They want to weaken my candidacy. They want me out of their way.

Nalulungkot ako na ito ay nagpapalayo sa atin mula sa sinumpaan nating trabaho sa Senado. Habang nagbabangayan ang mga senador ay may mga tao sa labas ng dating marangal na institusyon na ito na naghihirap. I am here today for the people who aren’t here in this room today. Kahit na magdamag tayong magdebate, sigurado tayong may kakainin sa ating pag-uwi ng bahay. Ngunit ang karamihan sa ating mahihirap na kababayan ay di pwedeng umupo lamang at maghintay matapos tayo. Kung di sila kakayod, wala silang kakainin.

Mr. President,

For the record, Mr. President,

I want to set the facts straight. The report of the committee of the whole – as submitted and read to the public last Monday – is most unfair to me. I believe it was so presented to deceive the people. It was meant to besmirch my reputation.

Whatever the motives of my accusers, the report does not reflect the truth.

Wala pong katotohanan dito.

Wala po akong kasalanan, wala pong anomalya sa C5 project, at hindi po ako nakinabang. Mula simula hanggang huli, ang sinasabing imbestigasyon ay punung puno ng pulitika. Lahat ng aking mga kalalaban sa election ay nagimbento.

Sila’y nagluto ng isang kaso na kanilang pinalaki sa media.

Nung binato nila ito sa Ethics Committee at nalamang hindi sakop ng ethics ito, nagluto ng special set of rules para lang sa akin at in-apply retroactively -- in clear violation of our Constitution.

Sila mismo nag conduct ng hearings, at kung dati ay executive session dapat ay ginawa nilang publiko para lamang sa akin. An unprecedented 19 public hearings were staged to shame me. Napakaliwanag na pamumulitika lang. Gumawa sila ng kakaibang pamantayan para lamang sa akin.

At nang lahat ng saksi ay nagsabi na wala akong kasalanan, nagluto na naman sila ng sariling desisyon.

Lutong Macau lahat ito, Mr. President. Lutong Macau mula simula hanggang katapusan.

Nung una, double insertion ang paratang. Nung nakitang di naman totoo at para sa dalawang proyekto naman pala yun, realignment naman ang banat. Nung napakita namin na dalawang kalye ito – isang toll road at isang surface road, overpricing naman. Nung napakitang wala namang overpricing, conflict of interest ang sumunod. Napabulaanan ko yun at sa katunayan ay may ruling ang Department of Justice na walang conflict of.

Simple lang naman ang paliwanag e. Napaliwanag ko na ng simple dati pero tila walang naririnig. Kumbinsido na sila sa kasinungalingan nila.

Naluto na.

C5 Project Details

For the record, Mr. President, the C5 Road Project is not just my own personal project though it is one I am proud to be associated with – all these controversies notwithstanding. This is a project of the government implemented through the Department of Public Works and Highways. Renamed the President Carlos P. Garcia Avenue, the C5 Road was conceptualized as early as 1946, and runs from Manila Bay-Malolos-Caloocan-Quezon City-Taguig/Pateros-Paranaque-Las Piñas-Cavite. It is a 51-kilometer long thoroughfare starting from Manila Bay, and goes full circle to end likewise in Manila Bay.

Of the entire stretch, 32.5 kilometers are fully developed, covering Malabon and Caloocan going all the way to Quezon City-Taguig/Pateros-Paranaque-Las Piñas.

The Additional P200 Million Appropriation

As I am an ardent supporter of development, I have been pushing for the completion of the project.

I have emphasized in the past that the C5 Road Extension project would ease the worsening traffic problem common in the neighboring cities of Paranaque, Las Piñas, and Muntinlupa, as well as the nearby towns of Cavite. Kita po natin ang grabeng trapik sa Coastal Road araw araw. And I have lived in Las Piñas for the most part of my life. I can attest to the severe traffic situation residents face there every day.

Even on weekends, it is almost impossible to exit BF Homes via its two main gates, the Alabang and Lopez gates, without experiencing at least 30 minutes of traffic. The Lopez gate, being nearest to the C5 Extension, is under frequent gridlock due to a large number of vehicles passing through BF Homes, which itself straddles the cities of Paranaque, Las Piñas, and Muntinlupa.

May I also add that with the completion of the C5 road extension, as envisioned, travel time from northern areas to and from the industrial parks in Cavite, Laguna, and Batangas will be shortened. This translates to fuel savings for motorists.

For this reason, I proposed an amendment in the form of additional budget amounting to 200 million pesos for a certain portion of C5 –the flyover to be constructed in the Cavite Coastal Road.

May I enlighten you, fellow legislators, that this is an ADDITIONAL amount to the budget of the SAME project. Meaning, the total appropriation should have reflected 400 million pesos in the GAA, instead of 200 million pesos as earlier proposed. For your information, the proposed aggregate budget for the C-5 is placed at 4.2 billion pesos.

To this end, allow me to bring to your attention the declarations made by Atty. Yolanda Doblon, Director General of the Legislative Budget and Research Monitoring Office (LBRMO).


Again, I would like to repeat, reference is the TSN of October 6, 2009 public hearing of the Committee of the Whole, pages 128-136.

Of significance, let me bring to your attention too that I have no doubt that the DPWH knew and got the instruction correctly. In the public hearing of October 15, 2008, Secretary Hermogenes Ebdane was right in saying that the two 200 million pesos were allocated for two different sites, but they are still within the confines of the C5 road project. Hence, I insist it is for the SAME project (C5), albeit on different locations – the first being the Sucat road flyover, and second, the Coastal road.

The “double entry” or insertion of 200 million pesos is not irregular because it covers two different – let me repeat, TWO DIFFERENT and SEPARATE segments of the C5 project.

“Insertion,” per se, or amendment, which is the appropriate parliamentary lexicon, is not illegal as it is a right commonly observed within the realm of policymaking to allow lawmakers to adjust the proposed annual budget by introducing appropriate amendments, with the public’s welfare in mind.

Wala po akong kasalanan, wala pong anomalya sa C5 project, at hindi po ako nakinabang. Pulitika lamang po.

I Did Not Use Influence vis-à-vis the Project

According to the Committee Report, the Las Piñas-Paranaque Link Road Project and the DPWH C-5 Road Extension Project were made to pass through the properties of my corporations, instead of a straight alignment. It went further to say that the alignment of the C5 Road Extension segment of the Manila Cavite Toll Expressway Project (MCTEP) of the Toll Regulatory Board has to be changed just to accommodate the alignments of the Las Piñas Paranaque Link Road Project and the DPWH C5 Road Extension Project.

These are blatant lies, Mr. President.

I did not direct, or influence, the DPWH to have the C5 Project pass through my properties. The fact is that the conceptualization, alignment, planning and execution of the said project were all done by the DPWH.

If indeed there was any re-alignment of MCTEP, it only involved a “kilometer” of said alignment. Surely, such did not cause the MCTEP to be mothballed. There is no evidence that the supposed re-alignment resulted in MCTEP becoming unnecessary as to require its being discontinued.

As to the alleged re-alignment of the C5 Road Extension Project, it was only a slight shifting of one bridge (Bridge No. 2) in the upstream direction in order not to create conflict with the proposed alignment of the LRT Line I South Extension Project. This slight shifting of Bridge No. 2 was at the request of LRTA; and it did not involve my intervention or even a request from me.

As explained in the letter dated 15 October 2008, of DPWH Regional Director Roberto G. Lala, CESO III, to DPWH Secretary Hermogenes E. Ebdane, Jr. (attached to the Affidavit submitted by Engr. Adriano to the Committee):

“The segment of C5 Project that is described hereto is from Sucat Road to Pres. Quirino Ave. (also known as Paranaque-Las Piñas Link Road)

The project was not re-routed as it followed the original route or alignment prepared by the DPWH-NCR except for the location of one bridge (Bridge No. 2) whose centerline was slightly shifted in the upstream direction in order not to create conflict with the proposed alignment of LRT Line I South Extension Project. This was made in attention to the request of LRTA to then NCR Regional Director Salvador A. Pleyto, per letter dated Feb. 23, 2001 copy attached marked as Annex I. But even with this slight change, the 30 meters road right-of-way was still maintained. Except for such shifting of the Bridge No. 2, no more modification was made from the original alignment up to its construction phases from Sucat Road to Pres. Quirino Avenue.” (As cited in the Affidavit of Engineer Adriano, TSN, 8 September 2009, 11:06 a.m., pp. 2-3)

It is noteworthy that at no time during the entire adjudicatory proceedings did the complainant and counsel ever present testimonial or documentary evidence to disprove the truth and veracity of this letter of DPWH Regional Director Lala.

Wala po akong kasalanan, wala pong anomalya sa C5 project, at hindi po ako nakinabang. This was all politics.

There is no corruption

They accused me of financially benefiting from the C5 transaction; that I made a pile of money out of it.

There is nothing farther from the truth, Mr. President.

It is common knowledge that the fund was impounded by the Department of Budget and Management (DBM), upon directions from President Gloria Arroyo herself. It means the fund has not been released by the DBM. So where is corruption there?

As regards those deeds of sale and payments made by DPWH to companies my family owned - in legal terms, the payments made are called just compensation. Properties were taken and so corresponding payments should be made.

I could not have possibly prevented the construction of the road. That is the government’s prerogative. But I cannot, in my conscience, sacrifice the interest of the general public simply because some of my companies’ properties will be affected.

Let me stress that as developers of real estate properties, the Villar companies could have, by themselves, constructed the road and earmarked some portions as exclusive in which case, the properties could have had higher values. But public interest demands that we open the properties and allow motorists and the commuting public to utilize the roads.

Besides, allow me to state that I am not a member of the Bicameral Conference that approved the 2008 budget. That is significant to prove that I did not dip my fingers or never exerted influence in the passage of said legislation.

More importantly, not having anything to do with the final disposition of my proposed amendments to the 2008 GAA, I cannot be accused of proposing the amendments in order to benefit my real estate companies.

The Senate’s role in the enactment of the GAA starts and ends with its proposing and approving amendments thereto. Once approved and signed into law by the President of the Philippines, the Senate or the Senators no longer have anything to do with the disposition or implementation of the GAA, which belongs solely to the implementing agencies of the Executive Department.

Above all, there is nothing from the evidence presented to even suggest that I ever intervened in the disposition or implementation of the 2008 GAA as to derive benefit for myself or my real estate companies to the detriment of the Filipino people.

On the contrary, the records show that other land owners in the same area of Las Piñas and Parañaque whose lands were also taken by the DPWH as right of way for the C5 Project were long paid ahead for their lands, while some of my companies to this day remain unpaid and have not even filed the requisite documents with the DPWH to facilitate payment. (Testimony of Engineer Adriano, TSN, 8 September 2009, 12:06 pm, p. 4; 12:46 pm., pp. 4-5)

No Overpricing

The C5 issue brought with it otherwise irrelevant matters, but I am compelled to answer anyway for they mischievously depict this humble representation as a scheming man – which I definitely am not.

There is an allegation that as a result of the undue advantage, the properties owned by the Villar companies are grossly overpriced. Allow me to state, for the record: Zonal valuation is determined by the Bureau of Internal Revenue (BIR), not by Senators, not by me.

There is absolutely no evidence that I ever interfered with the issuance by the BIR of the zonal valuation of the properties owned by my companies.



“As to the valuation of the properties of Senator Villar’s corporations that were acquired for roads-right-of-way for the Las Piñas-Parañaque Link Road Project and the DPWH C-5 Road Extension Project, although there is no evidence to prove the direct participation of Senator Villar in the overpricing of such properties, it is fair and safe to assume that Senator Villar knew about the said overpricing as his corporation stood to gain from such transactions with the government and considering the closeness of Senator Villar to Engr. Adriano who was directly involved in these transactions.”




Proof, not mere conjectures or assumptions, should be proffered to indicate that the accused had taken part in, to use the Court's words in Arias vs. Sandiganbayan, the "planning, preparation and perpetration of the alleged conspiracy to defraud the government" for, otherwise, any "careless use of the conspiracy theory (can) sweep into jail even innocent persons who may have (only) been made unwitting tools by the criminal minds" really responsible for that irregularity. (for reference, ito ay kaso ng Sabiniano v. CA, GR 76558, October 6, 1995).


“Logical reasoning in the law does not work in this manner. Courts are not allowed to supply missing evidence or to give a party the benefit of unreasonable speculation or forced inferences. Liability cannot rest upon guesswork, conjecture or speculation beyond inferences to be drawn from evidence.”

Ang sabi nga, inference must be the product of reason and logic and it must rest on evidence, i.e. on probability rather than on speculative possibility or conjecture, and must comport with physical laws and human experience.

Certainly, my participation cannot simply be “safely assumed”. It is never “safe” to assume malicious intent.

Moreover, the supposed higher valuation given the Masaito property was duly explained by the very same BIR officer who issued the certificates of zonal valuation for it. Former BIR-Parañaque Revenue Officer Carmelita Bacod, whom complainant Senator had subpoenaed and who issued the certification on the zonal valuation of the Masaito lots, not only verified the P30,000.00 zonal valuation for the said lots but also the P4,500.00 per square meter zonal valuation for the other lots along Sucat Road.

She explained that the other lots along Sucat Road are classified as “residential”; hence, they have a zonal valuation of only P4,500.00 per square meter. She went on to explain further that the Masaito lots were classified as “commercial/regular,” hence, they have a zonal valuation of P30,000.00 per square meter. (TSN of 22 September 2009, 12:23pm, pp. 7-8).

In other words, the P30,000.00 per square meter valuation for the Masaito lots in question did not come from thin air. Former Parañaque Revenue District Officer Bacod got the figure from page 9 of the Revised Zonal Valuation of 1998 of the Department of Finance.

Ms. Bacod was even adamant about the zonal valuation as she declared at the hearing on 22 September 2009 that if she were to issue another certification, she would use the same zonal valuation for the Masaito lots. (Ibid., p. 7). Thus:

“MR. FRANCISCO: But if you are to make another certification and you were asked for the zonal valuation of San Dionisio, Sucat Road, what will you state?

MS. BACOD: I will state the same facts as contained in the same certification.

MR. FRANCISCO: Which is?

MS. BACOD: That the zonal value of the property will still be 30,000 per square meter.

MR. FRANCISCO: Even if that is not found in the Revised Zonal Valuation of 1998?

MS. BACOD: Yes, because in this page 9 of San Dionisio, even if the zonal value of Don Antonio Avenue – the zonal value is 4,500, it is residential. But we have – on page 9, we have commercial/residential valuation of Php30,000.00. And for sure, my basis for classifying this property as commercial/regular is the tax declaration presented to us as issued by the Assessor’s Office classifying the same property as commercial/residential as to its actual use, Your Honor.”

Interestingly, the said testimony of Ms. Bacod was conveniently ignored in the Report.

Wala po akong kasalanan, wala pong anomalya sa C5 project, at hindi po ako nakinabang. Pulitika po lamang ito.

No Conflict of Interest

While none of the witnesses they presented accused me of any wrongdoing – I was shocked, and still am in shock, that the conclusion they arrived at is completely the opposite.

In the Report, they concluded that I violated the Constitution for my alleged financial interest in the C5 Project, which as senator placed me in a conflict of interest situation.

First. I did not author the 2008 GAA as no senator can be its author since the GAA originates solely from the House of Representatives.

Second. It is not true that I did not disclose my financial interest in the companies whose properties will be traversed by the MCTEP and the C5 Road Extension Project.

The truth of the matter is that one of my companies even sought the opinion of the Department of Justice precisely to determine whether or not the validity of the proposed transaction will be affected by the fact that I am its principal stockholder and whether the proposed acquisition will be violating any law or regulation, particularly the Constitution.

And, significantly, on November 9, 1999, the DOJ, through Justice Serafin R. Cuevas, rendered an Opinion holding that the acquisition by the Government of private property for right-of-way purposes does not fall within the Constitutional prohibition against Members of Congress having direct or indirect financial interest in any contract with the Government.

As aptly put by then Secretary of Justice Cuevas:

“In the instant case, there is no showing that the principal stockholder of the API took advantage of his position as a member of the House of Representatives to enable API to enter into a contract with the TRB involving the API’s property. The transaction arose as a necessary consequence of the government’s decision to implement the MCTEP and for which it became necessary for the TRB to acquire properties for right-of-way purposes. The API’s property happens to be one of those that the TRB had identified as necessary for the implementation of the MCTEB.

Clearly, the proposed acquisition by the TRB on a voluntary sale and purchase basis of the subject property of the API for right-of-way purposes does not fall within the subject constitutional prohibition. The said proposal is a mere consequence of the exercise by the TRB of is power to “condemn private property for public use subject to the provisions of existing law.” In acquiring the API’s property through negotiated sale, the TRB was acting pursuant to law.

In sum, inasmuch as the proposed transaction was not sought by the API nor by any of its stockholders, but was initiated by the TRB in view of the importance and urgency on the part of the government to acquire the subject properties of the API to obviate delay in the continuous implementation and eventual completion of the MCTEP, this Department does not foresee in situations such as this, that a principal stockholder of a private corporation who happens to be a member of the House of Representatives would be cited as having violated Section 14, Article VI of the 1987 Constitution which expressly prohibits legislators from being directly or indirectly interested financially in any contract with the Government or any of its subdivisions, agencies or instrumentalities.”

Again, said DOJ Opinion was conveniently ignored by the Committee.

ON THE P6,226,070,427

Worse, the Report recommends that I return the amount of P6Billion, which I allegedly made the people to suffer.

This is totally ridiculous, Mr. President.

Let me state categorically that no government money was wasted in the C5 Project – not a single centavo!

To reiterate, there was no “re-alignment” of the C5 Road Extension Project or of the MCTEP.

The MCTEP was not rendered useless by the construction of the C5 Road Extension Project. These 2 projects are entirely separate and distinct projects. The MCTEP is a toll road, which requires payment of toll fees; while the C5 Road Extension is a public road, which allows free passage to all commuters. In other words, the C5 Road Extension is an alternative route to commuters who cannot afford to pay toll fees. The MCTEP has “limited access”, meaning it has a single entry and exit point; while the C5 Road Extension has “open access”, such that through said road commuters can access various cities and/or municipalities. Clearly, by their very nature, it is not difficult to comprehend that the 2 projects are not mutually exclusive of each other or that the C5 Road Extension is a duplicate of the MCTEP. The construction of the C5 Road Extension did NOT result in MCTEP becoming unnecessary as to require its being discontinued. The truth is both projects are necessary to decongest the worsening traffic condition in Paranaque, Las Piñas and Cavite.

ROW payments on the MCTEP were not wasted. The roads acquired are still there and owned by the government. Once the TRB shall have found another joint venture partner, the expressway project can continue.

Wala po akong ninakaw sa kaban ng bayan.

Wala po akong kasalanan, wala pong anomalya sa C5 project, at hindi po ako nakinabang. Napulitika po si Manny Villar.

On the Unjust Process


Kahit anong paliwanagan, hindi naniniwala ang mga ito sa akin.
Binago ang proseso para yurakan ang aking dangal at sirain ang aking pagkatao.

Umpisahan natin sa naka hilerang hearing na naka schedule sa Senado. Kahit hindi pa dapat, inuna ang C5 issue para matiyempuhan ang pagkampanya sa darating na eleksiyon. Ito ang inaasahan nilang lahat na makapagbaba ng aking ratings sa mga surveys.

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