Elevator Floor illusion

Going into this elevator would certainly makes one nervous. A sign at the entrance cautions the people that goes in about work in progress. A more detailed look shows that the floor has been painted with an illusion that there is no floor.

The world’s most disturbing Children’s book?

Browsing the internet leads you to find lots of funny and scary things. This is amongst the funniest and scariest. Long live the fine line between educational and downright creepy.

Here are some shots of the book.


At first, there's bag-vertising. Cool bus doors. Good use of space. The way these AD has been painted up is really imaginitive and eye catching.

Built for the kill. Now on National Geographic Channel.

Just One Bite.

Care to smoke?

Number Cruncher

Be less bored. Numberz is an addicting addition game where your aim is to clear the playfield making a necessary sum of numbers on neighboring tiles. Click the pic to play.

Kissmat Bandit

KissMat 2 is a Flash game where the goal is kissing as long as possible while not getting caught. Click the pic to play.

Prom Dress

i mean, POST-prom dress...

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