These Dreams

These dreams go on when I close my eyes
Every second of the night I live another life
These dreams that sleep when its cold outside
Every moment Im awake the further Im away

Still more Call Center bloopers

CSR: Do you have any child so we could send out these gifts to you?
CLIENT: I'm sorry but i don't have any child.

CSR: Oh i understand, what about any grandchild? (wala ngang anak di ba, asa ka pang may apo)
CSR: . . . and for our records, may i know your child's bday?
CLIENT: I don't know her bday. . .

CSR: Oh come on, it's your responsibility to know your child's bday. (tarayan ba ang customer?)
CLIENT: (mad) how many times do i have to tell you i didn't purchase any card!

CSR: Ma'am, i'm talking about a 'car', a toy car, not a card.

CLIENT: but i said i didn't purchase any card!
CSR: No ma'am, not a card, what i mean is a car, an automotive. (baka ibig mong sabihin automobile)
CLIENT: What is that space bag bulk storage system? (By the way, a space bag is a big bag, not sure if it's made of plastic, which size adjusts depending on the amount of air you vacuum out)

CSR: (with limited product knowledge) Well sir, it's some kind of a space bag, it's like a storage system where you put your things. (salamat sa explanation)
CLIENT: What is this space bag?

CSR: (basta may masabi lang) ah sir, it's the thing worn by astronauts. (kakaiba tong taong to) BELIEVE IT OR NOT, HE IS NOW ONE AMONG THE FEW SELECTED TRAINORS.
CSR: We are giving you a free gift. You can either have the space bug bulk storage system or . . .

CLIENT: What the hell is a space bug? (a single letter spelled the big difference)
CLIENT: What is this squeeze wrench?

CSR: It's a wrench that you squeeze for better grip. (huh?)
CSR: One last thing sir, may i have your city of birth?

CSR: Your city of birth?
CLIENT: What? i can't quite hear you.

CSR: (irita na) I said your city of birth, the place of your born! (nagalit pa)
In the initial calling days, we were encouraged to go verbatim as little as possible. Stick to the script! Seems like a good practice right? (except for some special incidents).

CSR: So how is your car wash gadget?
CLIENT: It was a piece of junk! (irate)
CSR: Oh that's nice to hear from you, sir! (at least nag-stick sa script)
CSR: As a way of expressing our gratitude, we are sending your choice of free gift. You could either have a Bushnell binoculars.....
CLIENT: What is a binocular?

CSR: It's the thing you use to make far objects appear closer.
CLIENT: I don't get it.

CSR: You know, it's the thing you use when you look out the window....
CLIENT: I'm sorry but i really don't know it.

CSR: (a bright idea came about) ah! sir, have you ever seen a telescope?

CSR: All you do now is get one telescope on your right hand, and another one on the left, put them together, look at the eyepieces and there you have binoculars.
CLIENT: Oh, you mean binoculars! (may point tong CSR na to noh?)
CSR: Yes, may i talk to mr. _ _ _ _ _ ?
CLIENT: He's not around, is there anything i can do for you?

CSR: It's ok, i just called to inform him that because he purchased an item from us, he is entitled to receive a free gift item. Anyway, i'll just call him back.
CLIENT: Really? would you like me to give you his mobile phone no. so you can get in touch with him.

CSR: Ok! (CSR noticed that the cell no. lacks the first four digits, he forgot that he was talking to US people, so he asked) Is it Globe or Smart?
CLIENT: pardon?

CSR: (realizing he committed a mistake) oh, i said i'll just try to contact him......
CSR : We are giving away a free miniature car for free just because you purchased a product from us before. Well anyway sir, do you happen to be a car collection? (mas maganda yatang pakinggan kung car collector)
CSR : ... and as a safeguard to show that i really did talk to you, may i have your city of birth, the place where you were born?
CLIENT: Inglewood

CSR: Where sir? In the woods? You were born in the woods? (Sino yan, si Tarzan?)

No water, no problem

Marami akong natanggap na balita nitong nakaraang araw, ukol sa kawalan ng tubig sa iba't ibang lugar ng Maynila. Ayon sa Maynilad, nagbawas ng produksyon ng tubig, mula sa 2,230 million liters per day ay nabawasan ito sa 1,970 million liters na lang.

Mukhang maaga ang pagtitipid ng mga kinauukulan para sa darating na tag-init. Siguradong unahan sa pag may rasyon ng tubig! Makakabangga ko na naman ang mga sugapa kong kapitbahay!

Syempre, kailangang magtipid. at narito ang ilang mas epektibong tips upang makatipid:

(1) Patayin ang gripo habang nagsisipilyo. Mas mabuting wag na lang magsipilyo. o pwedeng bumalik sa makalumang panahon, asin tapos mumog..

(2) Bawasan ang labas ng tubig sa shower. Dahil mahirap kami, wala kaming ganyan. Tabo lang. Mas mabuting lagyan ng interval ang paliligo. Kung dati, dalawang beses sa isang araw. Ngayon, baligtarin! isang beses sa dalawang araw!

(3) Wag hayaang umaagos ang tubig pag naglalaba. Mas mabuting ulitin na lang ang mga damit para matagal bago ka ulit maglaba. Alam nyo ba ang "side B" idea?

More Call Center Bloopers

Telesales agent getting the customer's credit card info:
Agent: Can I have YOUR EXPIRATION DATE, sir?
Customer: My what?
Telesales agent giving promo spiels:
Agent: You called at the right time, ma'am. We have a lot of freebies to give away, such as free installation, free equipment, and free DVD player. That's a great offer, DI BA?
Customer: ???
Agent verifying info from customer:
Agent: Is that a P for..... (thinking)... Ping-Pong?
Customer: No, it's B.
Agent: Oh, B, like BING-BONG.
Customer trying to return a defective product:
Customer: I need to return this defective sauna belt that you delivered yesterday.
Agent: For that concern, you can call our customer service at
Customer: Call where???!!
Agent answering a call:
Agent: Thank you for calling about the Dish Network offer, my name is Vince..... (sees that the number called by customer is for a different client-- a DirecTV dealer).
Customer: So, I called the wrong number then?
Agent: Let me transfer you to DirecTV.... (puts the customer on hold, and then)... Thank you for calling about the DirecTV offer, my name is Vince...
Agent wrapping up the sale:
Agent: Our INSTALLATORS will contact you within the next 24 hours to verify your installation schedules...
Customer: Uhm.... say what, now. Who's gonna call me?
Agent: The INSTALLATORS, sir.
Agent verifying availability of valid mode of payment:
Agent: By the way, sir, do you have a CRAYDIT card in your name?
Agent getting promo code from customer:
Agent: Can I ask for the promo code? It's a bunch of letters.
Customers: Like ABCs?
Agent: Yes.
Customer: Ok. ABCDEFG....
Agent verifying customer's location:
Agent: That's W - I - S - C - O - N - S - I - N. So, you're from WESKUN-SIN?
Customer: No, it's Wis-con-sin.
Agent: Ah, OK, WES-KUN-SIN. And what's the country, ma'am?
Customer: Country?.. United States... You mean county, right?
Agent: Ah, yes...?
Agent giving the customer service web address:
Agent: It's P- as in Papa, I- as in India, C- as in costume, U- as in you, S- as in Sam, T- as in Tango, O.... Oscar...........V- for Voy.....
Agent trying to create urgency over the available promotion:
Agent: Are you sure you don't want to take advantage of me?
Customer: Say, what?
Agent trying to upsell a warranty:
Agent: ...... Here's an example: In California, a plane crashed into a customer's house, their dish was replaced, no questions asked!
Agent trying to upsell a TiVo to customer:
Agent: With a TiVo, you can do this and that, and you know, pretty much anything under the sun. Isn't that a great offer?
Customer: What?
Agent was asking the customer about the cost of his cable service:
Agent: Let me just ask you.... How much are paying with your current provider right now?
Customer: Well, I'm only paying $25.00 (--which is way cheaper than what the agent was offering)
Agent: (Surprised) MAGKANO??!!
Agent getting customer's address:
Agent: Can I have your address, please?
Customer: It's twenyfurfif-ysavan newyaorkgh road (2457 New York Road)
Agent: Can you repeat that ULIT?
Agent asking the customer to be put on hold:
Tech Agent: Sir, Can I hold you for just a minute?
Customer: Sure, baby, go ahead!
Tech Agent giving customer support:
Agent: Is the ethernet cord connected???...
Cust: Tha Hwhut??? (with Alabama accent)
Agent: YUNG yellow cord, mheem...
Agent verifying info:
CS: Come again, sir?!!!
Cust: Oh sure, baby!!!
(Siguro egoy 'tong customer n'ya.)
Agent taking survey:
CS: I was hoping you can take this survey with me... Would you have the time to do that, sir?
Contact: How long is this gonna to take?
(Magalang pa sya, ha?)
Agent from a local phone company entertaining a Visayan customer:
Cust: hiillo! wala kasi yung bell ng pon namin???...
CS: Hindi naman po ba nabagsak yung phone?
Cust: Hende naman...
CS: Kailan pa po ito nagsimula?
Cust: Ang alen?
CS: .Na hindi po nagri-ring yung phone?
Cust: Nagre-reng naman ah?!
CS: Di ba wala pong ring?
Cust: Hende! yong BELL!.. yong lestahan nong babayaran namin!!!...
CS: aahhh... yung BILL?!!!
Tech agent: To help you out with your concern, ma'am, let me just pull out my tool here, ok (referring to a computer program used in call centers to address the customer's concerns)?
Customer: Pull out your what now?
Tech support: Okay Bob, let's press the control and escape keys at the same time. That brings up a task list in the middle of the screen. Now type the letter "P" to bring up the Program Manager.
Customer: I don't have a P.
Tech support: On your keyboard, Bob.
Customer: What do you mean?
Tech support: "P".....on your keyboard Bob.
Agent: Sir, that is C for Cubao, Q for Quiapo.....
Customer: I don't want to talk to you.
Agent: Who do you want to talk to?
Customer: I want to talk to the highest person.
Agent: My supervisor is not available as of the moment sir.
Customer: I said, I want to talk to the highest person.
Agent: Ok, you want to talk to the highest person?
Customer: Yes!
Agent: DO yoU wANT to talk to God or You want to talk to Me?
Customer: $%$*&% , I rather talk to you....
Irate Customer: F***k you!
Tech Support: Sir, we're not allowed to say "F***k YOU!" here...

Fragile Movie Online

Got too see the movie Fragile. My reason might be i got a bit scared on the trailer.

There's minimal blood spill in the movie. Just what i am looking for: psychological terror rather than shredded flesh and brutal violence.

The broken bones of the children is a mystery that Calista Flockhart (Ally McBeal) is trying to figure out. The ghost was just downright evil as hell. it is somewhat hair-raising, especially the scene when the ghost showed up. Then, the fright that comes along with this "ghost idea" was again revived into my veins. If there were scary ghosts, then there must be a balance, the good ones. Hope that good ghosts are around me.

If you wanna give a scare for yourself, this one's gonna go down into my list. Highly recommended for nurses and wannabees alike. Hehe!

Call Center Bloopers

Negligence on our part, and just pure dumbness on their side. More comments soon.

Actual c0nversati0n sa isang technicaL acc0unt sa C-Cubed (Cust0mer C0ntact Center) habang nakabarge sa bidang agent na it0 yung seni0r rep ng team

TSR: 0kay sir, Let's check if y0u wiLL be abLe t0 g0 0nLine n0w...
CUST: yes... (yes Lang ng yes kase et0ng HAPON na it0... )
TSR: type in
CUST: what? yahoo.cot?
TSR: n0 sir...
CUST: yahoo.cot?
TSR: n0 sir... com... C-O-M
CUST: cot?
TSR: (asar na) .com sir!
CUST: aahhh... yahoo.cot.
TSR: It's C as in CAT.
CUST: what?
TSR: C as in CAT. C-A-T... me0w me0w...
(ayuz! very specific na yan ha baka hindi m0 pa magets...)!
CS: Thank you for calling... this is Candy, how may I help you?
Cust: What did you say your name was... Mandy?
CS: No, sir, it's Candy...
Cust: Sorry, can't hear ya... didja say Mandy?
CS: No, sir.. Candy, sir... Candy... as in Storck!!!
(oohhh... now I get it!!!)
CS: Was that a "B" as in boy or a "B" as in bravo?
Cust: Uhhmmm... how about "B" as in boy...
(good choice...)
CS: Alright, let me verify that... Was that a "G" as in golf?
Cust (with a different accent): NO! That was a "G" as! in GEBRA! (z as in zebra)
Oh, Gebra!!! like the one in the Goo?!!!... Gusme... Gon't gou get git?)
CS: Yeah, sir... sir... are you there?
Cust: Yes, yes, I'm there!
(siguro naglalaro sila ng Counter...)
CS: Sir, do you have NET-ESCAPE there?
Cust: Huh?... Oh!!!.. No, I have MSN IN-NERNET EXPLODER here...
(... makes sense to me!!!)
Agent wrapping sale, trying to give the account info to customer:
TS: I will now be giving you your account number and order confirmation number, do u have a PEN and a PENCIL ready?
Cust: What?!!
TS: Oh, Im sorry, sir... Do u have a PEN and a BALLPEN ready?...
(klap! klap! klap!)
CS: ...That's E as in I-KOW... (echo)
(oki lang yan, Dong...)
TS: Ok, sir, this is ano... what you'll do... you have to type the ano...the command run and ano...
(...teypows enow???)
Cust: So, do i have to wait for advice regarding the delivery?
CS: Sir, the package has been delivered and all we have to do is wait POR FICK UP schedule...
(... I can PEEL it!!!)
CS: ...I'd like to speak with Billy Thompson please???
Contact: He's not in. Would you like to leave a message in his voicemail?
CS: Sure, SIGE...
(ay shyet, ulet!!!)
TS: Ok, sir... Could you please drag the icon UPSTAIRS?...
(... lemme try...)
Cust (US): So how's the weather there?
CS: Well... it's kinda cloudy today, sir...
Cust: Oh really?!!!... So where are you located?
CS: Sir, your call has been re-routed in ORTIGAS!!!...
(... dats nir Mexico...)
TS: Alright, we're going to perform a checkdisk... that is for us to see if your hard drive has errors in it.please type in C-H-K-D-S-K...
Cust: What is that again?
TS: C-H-K-D-S-K... that is... C as in Charlie... H as in Harley... K as in Karly... D as in Darley... S as in Sarley... and K as in Karly...
(gleng-gleng... bagong version...)


I feel lame lately, because i discovered that i can play Warcraft DOTA without my gaming buddies. GG is the latest challenge platform that support internet players mutually play with each other.

In this platform, players can play with other gamers, which were originally played by means of LAN. By using this platform, people can connect and play with friends, while enjoying a very good latency. Currently you can also chat with other players on this platform.

The platform turns the internet into a huge cyber cafe, which enables the players to connect and play games in such a way as they play in LAN.

The downside of playing online is when the opponents quit the current game, if they feel they are losing, right when the action has just getting started. Of course, internet connection is a major factor here. In case you're into a slow connection, lagging is expected, which will hamper your gaming experience.

Damn, this is much more draining than cigarettes or alcohol. (aside from getting two hours sleep for two straight weeks now and counting!)

Cleto Reyes

yun lang naman ang tatak ng paboritong gloves ni manny pacquiao.

Sabado - 11.18, 7pm
nag-desisyon kami na hindi kami magpapahuli sa panonood ng pacquiao-morales 3. Lintik kasi yang mga nagbabalita ng maaga. Nawawala ang excitement kapag pinanood mo ng slightly- (SUPER!) delayed.

pormang masa, punta sa San Juan Arena, buzzer beater ang pagbili ng ticket. mas mura doon. 250.

Linggo - 11.19, 8am
ang aga! tama ba ito? kay pacquiao, on time! kapag sa trabaho, hindi..

ayun, naghintay ng apat na oras para sa main event. Ang mga undercard, sinulit yung mga laban nila, puro decision. Nagsimula na ang main event. Syempre puro sigawan habang magsasapakan silang dalawa. Pero nung pagkatapos ng tatlong rounds, natauhan kami. Bitin! Sana pinatagal man lang kahit 6 rounds!

Kawawang Morales. Ang tapang maghamon,ayan napala mo!

Naawa ako kay Morales, gulpe de gulat ang inabot. Nagpapayat ng todo-todo, nakalimutang magpa-kondisyon.

Uwian. Antok na ako. Parang naramdaman ko yung mga suntok ni Manny. Nahihilo ako. Hindi ko napansin may hakbang pa pala sa hagdanan.. Ayun, na-off balance. Groggy. Swerte pa rin, hindi ako nasubsob, tsaka konti lang nakakita.. Nakakahiya, pero masayang mag-balik-tanaw..

Shaken or Sterile

At first, I was hesitant watching the movie. But last night, I decided to give in to my officemate's craving. I thought it was another spy-hard, hardcore action movie.

Damn, i got hooked.
The 21st installment of the Bond franchise, it is actually based on Ian Fleming's first Bond novel. But what made it different to the other 20 is that, this Bond is far more vulnerable than his predecessors - he was at first arrogant, gritty and warfreak, then he have his heart broken.

What's the connection of the title to movie? Just watch it. Its worth your money.

PAHABOL: the movie is bundled with the latest Spidey trailer.

DVD marathon

Just finished watching season 8 of Charmed.

Rose McGowan as Paige Matthews.

Madami pang kelangan kolektahin, may nakita akong Bioman DVD. Namimiss ko na sila!

Too bad.. I went to buy "24". Oh my! Season 4&5 daw! It turned out to be, one and a half season only! second half lang ng season 4. dugtong ko na lang yung episode guide ng first half.

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