I feel lame lately, because i discovered that i can play Warcraft DOTA without my gaming buddies. GG is the latest challenge platform that support internet players mutually play with each other.

In this platform, players can play with other gamers, which were originally played by means of LAN. By using this platform, people can connect and play with friends, while enjoying a very good latency. Currently you can also chat with other players on this platform.

The platform turns the internet into a huge cyber cafe, which enables the players to connect and play games in such a way as they play in LAN.

The downside of playing online is when the opponents quit the current game, if they feel they are losing, right when the action has just getting started. Of course, internet connection is a major factor here. In case you're into a slow connection, lagging is expected, which will hamper your gaming experience.

Damn, this is much more draining than cigarettes or alcohol. (aside from getting two hours sleep for two straight weeks now and counting!)

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