Tim Burton's Alice in Wonderland in cinemas March 4

What's not to love in Tim Burton's Alice in Wonderland? I first mentioned about the first glimpse on Alice in Wonderland photos a year ago.

What's it about? All grown up, significantly sexy and, Alice is being married off to a wealthy ginger lord with horrific teeth. Her free-spirited ways has pegged, and she's was very depressed around the normal, adventure-free life awaiting her. After an incident involving a rabbit hole, she finds herself in a twisted, highly whirlwind-inspired universe that she recognizes from her childhood dreams.

There are talking animals, cakes that shrink people and creatures from The Jabberwocky aplenty. Sadly, though, the merry land is runby the cruel Red Queen (played, as a supporting character always in a Burton flick, by creepy Helena Bonham Carter) who no one really likes. Alice, The Mad Hatter (Johnny Depp), Tweedle-Dee and Tweedle-Dum (both expertly played by Matt Lucas) and the Cheshire Cat embark on a mission to fulfill a prophecy that will see the beloved White Queen restored to the throne, and the ruined land freed!

What's good about it? Everything! Mia Wasikowska is well sexy, Depp is suitably loony, and whatever acid Tim Burton took whilst art directing this masterpiece, it was definitely the expensive kind.

The whole thing rules, it's that simple. It's the most anticipated movie of 2010! Only two days to go! Alice in Wonderland is shown in Philippine theaters starting March 4, 2010. If you want to experience it on IMAX 3D, you can check out SM North EDSA IMAX Theater.

Azrael is giving away a limited-edition Alice in Wonderland pocket watch and I BADLY WANT TO WIN IT! Hope lady luck pick me this time.

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