Fragile Movie Online

Got too see the movie Fragile. My reason might be i got a bit scared on the trailer.

There's minimal blood spill in the movie. Just what i am looking for: psychological terror rather than shredded flesh and brutal violence.

The broken bones of the children is a mystery that Calista Flockhart (Ally McBeal) is trying to figure out. The ghost was just downright evil as hell. it is somewhat hair-raising, especially the scene when the ghost showed up. Then, the fright that comes along with this "ghost idea" was again revived into my veins. If there were scary ghosts, then there must be a balance, the good ones. Hope that good ghosts are around me.

If you wanna give a scare for yourself, this one's gonna go down into my list. Highly recommended for nurses and wannabees alike. Hehe!

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