Catchy shopping bags

All it takes is just a little creativity. Retailers long ago learned the value of promoting themselves by ensuring that the bags they gave out to customers to take purchases home had their store's name and logo emblazoned on them. Likewise, manufacturers have caught on to the value of buying advertising space on shopping bags and creating specialized bags to promote their own products. As expected, a good deal of creative effort now goes into trying to make such advertisements as eye-catchingly memorable as possible, a process colloquially dubbed "bagvertising."

The power of marketing. Experience design uses the interactions of customers with products, services and company branding to optimize the overall impressions left by these.

playing terrorist, dont go to bank carrying this one!

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Anonymous said...

haha, nice pics!

loves it. :)

props to the brilliant minds behind them.

Joey said...

the pics are veru interesting!

Xerendipity said...

I want to have those bags! Where can we get those?

zerovoltage said...

nice bags :D but the "hanging" ones are a little morbid for me ...

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