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Dr. Martin Bautista of Ang Kapatiran deserves our vote.

The guy is talking with a lot of sense, so idealistic. Currently listening at the Inquirer's podcasts, and after Part 1 of the interview, I got hooked. We need more of him and his fresh ideas.

He is right, pointing out where the country have been through all those years. The common political names still lording the country. The Rectos, OsmeƱas, Magsaysays.

"Politics here is so corrupt because politicians make a living out of it. Corruption has become a way of life."

That affected me too, like a symbiote spidey had, dreaming to be corrupt someday.

But how long can he stay with that?

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Jhed said...

Too bad for him. Even though he deserves our vote (as what you pointed out), his chances of winning the election is very slim.

wesweswest said...

i agree with jhed. dito sa country natin, kung sino yung kilala, kung sino yung magaling magpapansin yun na yung iboboto... i'll support him though. i like his principles. =)

deejayz said...

i know, the odds are small, but I'm hoping we start now as to being informed voters, such a small step towards change.

Marlou said...

DJ, can i link your site on my blogspot? THANKS

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