cant get enough of Heroes

Just finished watching Heroes, well not actually. I skip episodes 6-10, we only have episodes 11-18, tsk tsk tsk!

If you like the X-men, you'll like Heroes as well. all new twists. People discovering their supernatural abilities. A cheerleader that self-heals... jump off a tower and gets broken ribs. Then all she does is just put it back in place.

A kid who can manipulate electronic operations, especiallty the ATM. instant millionaire here.

Three sides want to collect and discover them. (1) an organization that is tracking them, (2) one that absorbs other powers by killing them; and (3) a doctor, continuing his father's work, looking for evolved humans to warn them about number (2).

I like Hiro Nakamura (played by Masi Oka), and his misadventure with buddy Ando. Just like our ordinary funny sometimes geeky conversations.

after 18 episodes, there's a lot of mystery. too much questions have come up, so little answers revealed/ i guess the series has a long way to go. the search for evolved humans, the algorithm to do it and the drama behind every superhuman keeps on piling up.

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kahla said...

try to watch prison break.. hehe

yatot said...

ako rin... just finished watching heroes last holy week... pero hanggang 17 lang ang napanood ko... ano ang nangyari sa 18... waaahh.... ang alam ko huling episode na ng season one yung company man... waahh... ngaun ko lang nakita... meron pa lang episode 18! ung parasite! shet naman dapat makakuha ako ng episode 18! waaaahh....

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