The world’s most disturbing Children’s book?

Browsing the internet leads you to find lots of funny and scary things. This is amongst the funniest and scariest. Long live the fine line between educational and downright creepy.

Here are some shots of the book.

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Cyberpunk said...

i don't find it funny, scary or creepy. it's about time that a book stops telling fairy-tale lives and starts discussing real-life issues. family problems, sexual abuse, and gender confusion are problems that kids and adolescents face. it's nice to see a book that explains those things in a way simple enough to be understood by the young ones...

jojitah said...

aba.. magandang bed time story ito ha. :D

sherma said...

it is a wrong way of teaching kids about sex education. it's really disturbing, the book, I mean..

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