Ramon Bautista Mo Twister Election Infomercial

Mo Twister-Ramon Bautista poll education video: WAY BETTER than Sexbomb's May Bilog na hugis itlog. Hope this get more air-time.

If the Sexbomb Dancers’s “May Itlog…” video left you scratching your head, perhaps this new instructional video can change that.


An instructional video s by (It’s better automated) I.b.a. Na Ngayon, the COMELEC’s revamped election website aimed to educate people about the electoral process, and disseminate canvassing information, features comedian Ramon Bautista and DJ Mo Twister assisting a confused grandmother as she votes using the new automated system.

Check out the Sexbomb's intructional video below.

Which one do you like better? You be the judge.


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Vernz said...

Hi, I have sent you email... about the contest at Some things are free .. please furnish me with your physical address for the shipment of your giveaway ... Congrats ... Vernz

Anonymous said...

Ramon Bautista's infomercial is way better than Sex bomb. But then again,the sex bomb infomercial is probably targeted to those who have short attention span. :)

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