FIBA World championships 2006, Japan

It's down to four, Spain, Argentina, Greece, USA. But before that, it was a very interesting elimination round. Although I haven't watched any games, it's nice to read that the lightweights are closing the gap with the heavyweights. Angola gave Germany a run for their money, bowing out after 3 overtime periods. China beat Slovenia in a buzzer-beater. France losing to Lebanon. And other close-margin games.

Update: What a SHOCKER! The two favorites to meet in the finals, USA and Argentina, lost their semifinal match against Greece and Spain, respectively. Team USA had troubles with their outside game, as other nations are closing the gap by utilizing the perimeter. This is because the NBA promote the individual talents with their isolation plays.
Let's switch back to Lebanon, who played against Team Philippine for a couple of practice games prior to the tournament. The Philippines beat the Lebanese in those two games. Oh! It was just a practice game, hiding some of their best-kept tactics. But at least, we have a chance in world competitions, just like them.

Can't wait to see our shooters burn the hoops on international competition. Ren-ren Ritualo for three! (9 times!) James Yap for three! (Shoot! Papa James!)

Putang ina mo Joey Lina! Para kang tuko kung makakapit. Ano ba meron dyan sa puwestong yan?

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