Odd-looking Buildings

"Crooked House"
You know that your looking at a real building right? The Crooked House, built in 2004, is an addition at a popular shopping center, and is a major tourist attraction in Sopot, Poland. We just wonder what happens when someone who's under a controlled substance sees this building for the first time in their life.

"Robot Building"
The great Bank of Asia is a famous building in Bangkok. It was made way back in 1985, and its robotic appearance is just a symbol of banking in the modernize world. It also has the ability to transform into a spectacular robot. So, if Godzilla ever decided to show his green face in the land of Bangkok, they would have to fight!

"Dancing House"
Here's a building that should get your attention when walking pass it. The Dancing House is considered as one of the more real controversial buildings in Prague. A talented architect from California designed this House, which only proves that he had done some hallucinogen while designing the damn thing.

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