Twist of Fate

im undergoing a lot of uncertainties right now.
after all that fun, and just one snap of a finger, everything changes in a sudden.
im not prepared to do all of this.
im so freakin worried on the extra baggage!
now i realize, time is so short, i cant believe im missing my family right now, just even in thoughts.

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West said...

bakit??! ^__^

deejay said...

kelangan nang bumukod, and try to think of it, im not used to be independent. budgeting and all. save for the future. i dont know what tomorrow will bring. im just being realistic. losing all these perks is not that easy.

yatot said...

ako gusto nga gusto ko na nga ding bumukod kasi im old na... kaso, my income doesnt allow me and all the stuffs that needed to be fixed like what and where apartment, furnitures, appliances, and all those stuffs! mahirap, siguro long term ito!

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i tagged you!

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