Lola Techie DSL Commercial | BayanTEL Techie Lola Ad VIDEO

When I first saw it during the commercial break, i was amazed with the Lola Techie DSL Commercial | Bayan DSL techie Lola ad on TV. that's a big WHOAAAH! Lola Techie is using facebook. I remember Darryll's Momita, asking me to create her account for the longest time, but I always beg off.

The ad even shows a website, which directs you to the BayanDSL page with their online application of a BayanDSL line. They are currently agressive in marketing BayanDSL, showering every lamp posts with posters.

Excerpts from her webcam chat with her apo:

"ilang ulit na akong nagsuperpoke sa 'yo sa facebook, di ka man magpoke back! kakausapin mo lang ako kapag may kailangan ka sa computer. idodropkick na kita!"

In any case, if you still haven't seen this lola techie commercial ad, here is the Youtube Video, grabbed from lola techie's Youtube page. I wonder how many grandpas or grandmas out there can relate with cyberspeak she used in the ad.

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