Shiloh Pepin Mermaid Girl | Mermaid Syndrome

Shiloh Pepin Mermaid Girl: Mermaid Syndrome. A rare congenital deformity called Sirenomelia has struck the little girl Shiloh Pepin. Also called the mermaid syndrome, where the two legs of the child attached together that looks like an appearance like a mermaid's tail.

Shiloh Pepin Mermaid Girl video/photo

The Mermaid Syndrome is so rare which is found in about 1:100,000 live births.

Recently Shiloh Pepin has been featured in a documentary entitled as "Mermaid Girl". The one hour long documentary followed Shiloh in her home of Kennebunkport, Maine in 2007. With her obvious difficulties of the brave little girl is determined to live a normal life. Her courage is a source of inspiration, as sung with passion. Even if it is born with one leg, has more courage and hope that the other is always smiling and continuing to move forward. It is also very intellectual, and speaks of the maturity of tone. Shiloh Pepin is only one of three surviving sirenomelia (mermaid syndrome) patients who do not have the usual kidney and bladder complications.

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