McDonald's Twister Fries is Back

I missed by McDo Twister Fries, well, good thing they brought it back! Look how McDonald's over-hype their products, they bundled it with the Ice Age 3 movie. I'm really surprised by how expensive it is! If not for my terrible craving for these fries, I think I'll be spending my Php55 on something else. God, a Burger Mcdo Meal costs slightly less than that!

As a promo with Ice Age 3, they've got Sprite Ice Age float too! I like my Twister Fries dipped in gravy, so I make it a point that we have a chicken meal for the gravy refill. Wifey likes to dip it with sundae, it's her comfort food.

I dunno when my craving for Twister Fries will be over, I hope my budget will not bloat. How about you, have you crossed paths again?

BTW, Ice Age 3 Happy Meal is also out. Manny the Mammoth toy is the best-seller, I've got to have that one for Darryll.

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