Survivor Philippines Palau Airai Castaways Revealed! PHOTOS

Survivor Philippines Palau Season 2 Survivors were introduced in a teaser plug in attempt to aggressively promote the upcoming show! Survivor Philippines Season 2 premieres August 17 on GMA7.

Wonder why 10 of the 16 castaways were visually appealing posing as hunks/models/cutie, I really think talent scouts were pushing behind their names to be included in this list. Hey, its 3 million for the Sole Survivor and a chunk of talent fee for cast-offs.

Palau is located at the South-West Pacific, 800 kilometers east of Mindanao, the southern group of islands of the Philippines. Formerly known as the “Black Islands”, Palau is composed of 16 states. The island republic is blessed with beautiful sceneries and an abundant nature, home to a flourishing wildlife. But like the Philippines, Palau had its share of rich historical experience, particularly during the World War 2.

Check out the competing Koror Tribe Castaways!

  1. Cris Bolado, former PBA player (Gentle Giant)

    The eldest at 40 and tallest at 6'6", Cris Bolado retired from professional basketball in 2003 because of injury.

    “Kahit sa Survivor Philippines, 110 percent ang dapat na ibigay mo sa laro. Iba siya sa basketball dahil iba-iba ang gagawing challenges at hindi mo talaga malalaman kung ano ang mangyayari pero dapat ibigay mo pa rin lahat,” Cris said in his interview with Survivor Philippines.
  2. Mika Batchelor, chef (Sexy Chef)

    She's half British and grew up in Boracay and Coron, Palawan.

  3. Shaun Rodriguez, fitness buff (Hot Dad), GOVERNMENT EMPLOYEE

    Shaun Rodriguez knows how it feels to be on top one day and down in the gutters the next after suffering bankruptcy and losing everything he has invested in a mining business years ago.

    But what’s important to him is that he was able to bounce back and now takes pleasure in the simple joys of being a public servant.

    Shaun works as a Public Relations staff at the City Council’s Office in Manila where he is engaged in dental and medical missions and feeding programs among other public service affairs.

    Ang mahiwaga at makapangyarihang swimming trunks, bukol pa lang, ulam na!
    Councilor ito pagkatapos ng Survivor.
  4. Amanda Coolley Van Cooll, construction worker (Probinsyanang Tisay/ Mestisa country-girl)

    Amanda Coolley Van Cooll works as a general labor construction worker in Alaska. It's odd too see her mixing cement rather than she strut on the ramp. Expect her to be on an afternoon teledrama after this stint.

    Amanda grew up a probinsyana and is accustomed to island life. She is confident that her experiences prepared her enough for the game.

    “In construction, there’s really no specific job description. The work is very physical and there’s always something different and new in every project,” Amanda said.

  5. Vlad Neses, model (Metrosexual)

    Vlad Nesas calls himself an “alpha male”, a dominant guy who always gets what he wants. He is confident that this is going to be his ace in winning the title of Pinoy Sole Survivor.

    Vlad is a graduate of Industrial Design, Major in Fine Arts at the University of Sto. Tomas where he was also a varsity swimmer.

  6. Troy Perez, mentalist magician

    It is second nature for Troy Perez to entertain people, the very reason why he got into performing as a magician or, as he prefers to be called, a mentalist.

    After taking up BS Biology in Manila, he landed a job in a bank and his mentalist tricks came in handy as he usually got invited to corporate shows.

  7. Maya Segovia, pilot/mom (Lady Pilot)

    Captain Maya Segovia, a military officer and a pilot of the Philippine Air Force has always thought of herself as a man trapped in a woman’s body.

    Maya has been a pilot for seven years and she believes that it is her destiny to be a part of the profession ruled by men.

    She is also a taekwondo black-belter.

    I think I'd like her as much as last season's Nina. hope she can bond with the young studs.
  8. Jef Gaitan, student/part-time model (Girl Next Door)

    At 18, she's the youngest girl in the batch, a print and TV commercial model from Laguna.

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Anonymous said...

why do u say shaun rodrigueZ is well endowed?mind sharing d proof?

Anonymous said...

yah. why dont u show the proof of the "bukol"

Anonymous said...

i did'nt expect that mika is a FHM model!!!

Anonymous said...

AMANDA is a beautiful amazona. i want her to win. she has all the capabilities

Anonymous said...

mautak din c amanda. d nga ngsasalita, hanep din naman takbo ng isip nya. plus point pa pla ung lakas nya. parang lalaki kung umasta minsan. ganda pa nman nya

Anonymous said...

hay nukuu..mika sa totoo lang ikaw yong pinaka sa lahat nang pinaka.sinungaling,traydor,magaling higit sa lahat talunan.he.he.he.buti nga natanggal ka taga.(face)

Anonymous said...

justine,cige galingan mo pa.tagahanga mo kaming magiina dito sa cavite.kaya mo pakisabi kay jef na napakabobo niya. walang laman ang utak puro congrats kay charles.di bale panalo pa din siya in other sense,.at pakainin mo ng alikabok si paki belat mo ko kay mika kasi pinakabobo siya sa lahat.pareho sila ni amanda.talunan,congrats justine winner ka sa amin.

Anonymous said...

hello charles,good..kahit di ka nakasama sa final 3 okey lang.panalo ka na naman ng 2mil.condo.
sige,ibelat mo ko kay mika na may taga sa mukha.maldita at impakta siya...he.he.sana maisip ni jef na bobo siya at kundi sa inyo ni justine di siya makakarating sa top 3.ikaw pa ang nilaglag iniwan nga siya dati ni amanda.bobo talaga.sorry.sad to say.

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