Survivor Philippines Palau Koror Castaways Revealed! PHOTOS

Survivor Philippines Palau Season 2 Survivors were introduced in a teaser plug in attempt to aggressively promote the upcoming show! Survivor Philippines Season 2 premieres August 17 on GMA7. Previously posted the Airai Team, now its the other half, the Koror Tribe.

Palau is located at the South-West Pacific, 800 kilometers east of Mindanao, the southern group of islands of the Philippines. Formerly known as the “Black Islands”, Palau is composed of 16 states. The island republic is blessed with beautiful sceneries and an abundant nature, home to a flourishing wildlife. But like the Philippines, Palau had its share of rich historical experience, particularly during the World War 2.

  • Suzuki Sadatsugu, Criminology student from Emilio Aguinaldo College – Manila (Japinoy Hunk)

    Suzuki Sadatsugu lived in Japan for 18 years but still managed to stay true to his Filipino roots.

    Towering at 6 feet and banking on his exotic looks, Suzuki started modeling when he was 19 years old and gained quite an exposure by joining competitions.

    For sure, he will be part of an afternoon teledrama after this. this boy will either be brought by a majority alliance, or just lie still and die.

  • Marvin Keifer, model (Ultimate Crush)

    Currently, Marvin hosts a teen magazine show called “Flo” on TV5, and was chosen as the image model for Viktor Jeans’ young and edgy Vik line after besting other aspiring models in a reality TV job search."

    Product of Gay casting. Expect him to be on a youth variety program, or singing male hunk group (Louie Ignacio keep an eye) at SOP. Mixed feelings about his staying power. First one to offer alliance.

  • Louie Ang, IT professional (Chick Boy)

    “Survivor ako kasi 5 girlfriends ko at hindi ako nahuhuli.”

    As a “chickboy” Louie admits that at one point, he had five simultaneous girlfriends – and he was able to keep it a secret for quite a long time, until somebody messed up his Facebook account.

    As a “bad boy,” Louie figured in quite a number of fistfights during his college days – one of such incidents even got caught on video and was posted online.

    Will he the our schemer? Will he relish being a puppetmaster? Will he put his charm to win?

  • Charles Fernandez, businessman (Raketista)

    This year's version Marlon Carmen. Looks like a weakling to me. "Madaldal, malakas ang loob at makapal ang mukha.”

    At the age of 18, Charles decided to become independent and live on his own without asking support from his parents. He has probably sold everything direct-selling business could offer – from shoes and clothes to cosmetics. And because of his perseverance, persuasiveness and talkativeness Charles was able to finish studying at the University of Luzon in Dagupan City.

  • Echo Caceres, call center agent (Spicy Bicolana)

    As the eldest of seven siblings, Echo Caceres of Sto. Domingo, Albay had to become a breadwinner at a young age. She's the eldest of seven kids.

    One of the major challenges her family faced was when their house was destroyed by typhoon Milenyo, while she was on training in Singapore.

    What's with her nickname? “People have always called me “Echo” not only because of my distinct voice na ume-echo talaga, but because I have become a catalyst of change when I was a student,” Echo said. “I really deliver my opinions passionately.”

  • Carol Gementiza, teacher (Istriktong Guro, the Strict Teacher)

    The oldest in the batch at 46 and the mother figure. Its either she'd alienate herself, or she proves to be an endearing character. Unlike Zita, i think she's physically weak.

  • Tara Jane Macias, English tutor (Taray Queen)

    “I am not afraid to die, to suffer and to get lost, and with that mindset, over-all fear has no place in me as I fear no evil and that makes me a real survivor.”

    Are the rumors true that Tara is Chev's sister? One way to find out.

  • Justine Ferrer, businesswoman (Beauty Queen)

    Justine Ferrer hails from Caloocan City. Justine Ferrer worked in Japan as a singer at the age of 19 and since then has become a breadwinner of the family.

    Businesswoman (at the age of 19?) slash model or the other way around? Mactress for sure.

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    Anonymous said...

    ang landi mo tara at carol palandi ka piling mo ba hindi ka nakakasuka? super ka sa kabobahan!

    Anonymous said...

    hi, mika ang ganda mo! sana ikaw nalang yung naging sole-survivor pero okay lang bf mo naman ung nanalo! c tara plastic xa, i wanna kill him soon! c charles gwapo sya pero ang sarap nyang tadyakan!

    Anonymous said...

    sayang maya hindi ka nanalo... pero okay lang atleast mukha ka namang diyosa, ang kapal ng mukha mo tara! plus louie ang flirt mo...

    Anonymous said...

    hoy charles! ang laki ng panga mo! palibhasa bakla ka! inabno mo pa c mika alam mo para savhin ko sayo mas deserve pa ni mika sa top 4. juding ka!

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