My who Wants to be a Millionaire experience - Fail!

This a long overdue post. If you ever get the chance to be "Who Wants To Be A Millionaire," take it--even if you're an alternate, it's an unforgettable experience! Being called for audition out of thousand texters maybe lucky but being selected in the final list of contestants may take another case.

Bossing Vic Sotto during in-between takes.

It was July 22, we were scheduled for taping. Being excited and all, I realized, all the other contestants were present, making no hopes of being a participant (hey! just an appearance will make my folks go gaga!). While waiting for our queue, there are some seasoned contestants sharing their game show experiences.

So, I just watched and enjoyed the preparations backstage, ending up as one of the audience. Preparations takes so much time, that audiences tends to get bored.

Being outside looking in is not new to me. I was a percentage points away to included in topnotchers list.

Me posing as one of contestant during an in-between take.

Taping ended 10:30 in the evening, leaving us to take a late dinner. And our batch was the first of the two tapings scheduled.

Just a quick note, you will learn a thing or two watching the show. I learned that Royce Gracie was the first UFC champ.

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here my number..09395628852....pls help me

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