Quake cripples Internet access in Asia

If you are wondering why your internet connection seems to crawl like the Dial-up days, PLDT MyDSL is the worst hit among Internet Service Providers. So before you call up your ISP and start yelling at them for having wobbly service, here is a piece of news you guys need to know.

Massive earthequake that hit Taiwan damaged a segment of the Asia-Pacific Cable Network 2 (APCN2) undersea cable network between China and Taiwan Wednesday, causing Internet traffic to be rerouted onto other undersea cables and slowing Internet access for some users in Southeast Asia.

Undersea cables are used to transport much of the world's Internet traffic and can be easily damaged by natural disasters or other causes. In 2006, a powerful earthquake off the southern coast of Taiwan damaged several cables and slowed Internet access to a crawl for users in Southeast Asia.

According to the article, repairs will hopefully be finished by August 20, next week. Moreover, Smart Communications said its wireless subscribers may have difficulties making or receiving overseas calls, and sending or receiving text messages abroad.

Oh no. I can’t even play any of the FaceBook apps I usually play. I can't even get pass by answering Restaurant City daily Food Quiz. My employees in Restaurant City are probably going on a strike by now. We can't blame nature's wrath, 'coz we continually abuse Mother Earth.

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