'Wasted' votes are better than blank ballots

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Letter to the Editor (@ Philippine Daily Inquirer)

I HAVE talked to people who say they find it difficult to come up with the 12 names that they can vote for senator, so they will probably leave blank some slots in their ballots.

I strongly suggested to them that, instead of voting for an "incomplete slate," they write in the names of the Kapatiran Party senatorial candidates: Adrian Sison, Martin Bautista and Jess Paredes. They may not be household names--but if only because they are not "trapos"--and are in fact fully qualified in terms of education, experience and vision--they will make better senators than most of the known candidates.

It is often said that intelligent votes are useless because they are swamped over by the sheer number of "masa" votes. (Remember Mareng Solita Monsod's candidacy?)

Some will say that a vote for Kapatiran is a "wasted" vote because its candidates are "unwinnable." But a wasted vote is better than a "blank" ballot. And there's a chance for your voices to be heard. That's why this appeal to those who are inclined to leave some slots blank anyway.

For the record, I do not know any one of the Kapatiran candidates personally. They may have their own chinks in their armors. But since they are not the usual trapos, show-biz personalities and other unqualified celebrities who have the gall to run, they will definitely be an improvement.

--NOEL TRINIDAD, 33 Firefly St., Valle Verde 6, Pasig City

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empress maruja said...

Naku, I remember when voters back in 2004 voted for Gloria since she's "the lesser evil". Nagkamali yata sila.

Buti na lang I voted for Brother Eddie. haha!

kikomeister said...

these candidates are not evil at all. they are the best and the good in our society. please support them.

Culture Shiok! said...

My ballot is still not filled-up... will read on these guys, might give them my remaining slots before I send it to the Philippine Embassy for the OAV.

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