im cash strapped these days: repair charges = 2500. Our big tube won't work. must be overheating? super summer bugs me all the way. yes, ICs worn out, need replacement.

cable subscription = 2800. everyone's looking for a racket. those effing cable agents, those hidden charges on wire!! damn it! my head's blowing!

i subscribed on a newsletter on movie schedules few years back, although useless during that time, when i still grimacing on the blurry reception/ Now, the boob tube addict is back, but not really, the frenzy is gone. All i want is to watch something interesting, sometimes educational, rather than counting worthless hours of nonsense on FreeTV.

for the aftermath, electric bills rising, and the monthly cable fees. whatdaf!

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janie_wanie said...

are u a call center agent?

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