Pacquiao endorsements

Boxer-turned-endorser Manny Pacquiao is all over the boob tube nowadays. From fastfood fried chicken, wireless communication services, health supplements, socks, apparels, pain killers, dairy products, canned tuna to vinegar. (Some are even a family affair, with his wife and kids!) And now, the latest addition to his list of endorsements, the Magic Sing microphone videoke (take note: with matching choreography!) whew! P-in-acquiao mo na lahat!
What's disturbing to me, he is also endorsing beer and liquors. Duh! Are you really drinking it?

The man is so hectic, attending businesses here and there. Are you still training for your fight?

What could be the next on his endorsements? He still missing Coca-Cola. A cigarette commercial? I don't think so, that's Lucio Tan's. Aha! How about a shaver commercial? Or how about Choc-Nut? HAHAHA!

Pinoy PichaPie has more ideas:

  • Boy Bawang, cornick
  • Maling, luncheon meat
  • Master, facial cleanser. (Sikreto ng mga gwapo!)
  • RC, cola (patok 'to, mura lang!)
  • Trust condoms (para safe si Jinky)
  • Payless Instant mami
  • Judge chewing gum
  • Lala fishcracker (pampulutan, kasabay ng SMB!)
You can submit your suggestions, my dear readers.

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deejayz said...

@ Josh: try ko enumerate:SMB, Ginebra, Mcdo, Smart, Datu Puti, Burlington and/or Darlington socks.
Datu Puti, Dolly Tuna,Xtreme Magic Sing,Alaxan, Circulan, Magnolia ice cream/milk (Pacman milk shake)

Did I miss something?

Josh said...

Yeah. You missed some Manny's "older" commercials.

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