My wishlist

I'm kinda in shortage of funds right now. I loaned for a digital camera last Sunday. I have to, 'coz it is the last stock available, and I consider it as a "best buy".

And there's a lot more things I consider a necessity:

1. Sony Ericsson W810 (any MMS phone will do)
Why I need this: 3 technologies in one: a megapixel camera, a walkman-quality mp3 player, and a cell phone. Having this phone is a status symbol for me. Why I don't need this: In this poverty-prone times, it's so scary to bring this outdoors. Verdict: I don't need this. (yet!)

Apple iPod (any MP3 player will do)
3. Digital camera

4. USB extension. Why I need this: The USB port in my PC is at the back. I have to pul it out everytime to hook my usb devices. Why I don't need this: There's no reason. Verdict: I badly need this.

5. Smallville DVDs. Why I need this: I'm a superman addict. I missed a lot of episodes nowadays. Why I don't need this: I don't have the resources yet. Verdict: I don't need this. (yet!)

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