Basketball recap

Watched last Sunday, Barangay Ginebra fighting for dear life, to defend their All-Filipino championship, on the wild card phase. Wow, Mark Caguioa is amazing! 45 points, he can do it all (offensively, at least). He had to, they are undermanned due to the injury bug, or else he will walk Roxas Blvd. barenaked. (that's what he dared, in case Ginebra failed to become back-to-back champions) Let's see what happens next round, against Red Bull. (Hopefully, they would win it, coz I'm a die-hard taga-barangay)

* * *

The NBA finals will start Thursday (Friday morning, Manila time). The protagonists are the Miami Heat and the Dallas Mavericks, which are both playing the Finals for the very first time. In basketball, they have a motto, "Defense wins championships" and its nice watch how the Mavericks improved their defense, as what coach Avery Johnson insisted. I love to see the 7-footer Dirk Nowitzki shoot the lights out (Larry Bird reincarnated).

On the other hand, its also nice to watch the Heat, bannered by Shaq and the flashy Dwayne Wade, together with their revamped supporting cast. I'll go for the Heat, primarily because of the dominance of Shaq, who can stop him? But, as always, anything can happen. Don't you remember when the star-less Detroit Pistons applied the word teamwork to win over the star-studded LA Lakers two years ago?

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Josh said...

I'm a Ginebra fan since birth too. Ginebra lost to Red Bull on Game 1 but they could have won that. Andy Seigle and Jayjay Helterbrand is placed on day-to-day status so I we'll expect to see them again maybe on Sunday.

I hope Dallas Mavericks wins the Larry O'Brien trophy. I know Josh Howard could contain Dwyane Wade.

Someone told me I won tickets at Mano-A-Mano text promo! Hahaha! Quiero del gracia el publico Mexicano.

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