AS I am on my way home, I rode this jeepney, emitting poisonous black fumes into our ozone.

And I come up with this blog entry...

How is the smoke harmful?

Smoke is a by-product of incomplete combustion. Incomplete combustion can significantly increase the quantity of certain toxic chemicals discharged by vehicles into the air.

These chemicals can cause mild to severe irritation to the eyes, nose, throat and lungs. They can also be absorbed into the body and cause deterioration in general health. The extent of these detrimental effects on people's health is related to the length of time one is exposed to vehicle emissions, the concentration of fumes breathed and various other factors such as age and health.

What causes a vehicle to be smoky?

There are many reasons why a vehicle might emit continuous smoke:

  • Damaged air filter
  • Faulty fuel injection system
  • Clogged air filter
  • Wrong grade of fuel
  • Incorrect fuel injection pump timing
  • Engine overheating
  • Low compression ratio
Motor vehicle myths

Most people know that cars are major pollutants. But there are some nasty myths going around about what causes car pollution. Let's put them to the test right now!

Myth #1 Old cars pollute more than new cars. Old cars do not necessarily pollute most. Newer cars, which are not properly tuned and maintained, also cause a lot of pollution.

Myth #2 Unleaded petrol is better for the environment. Whether you use leaded or unleaded petrol your car will still pollute more than necessary if it is not tuned and maintained.

Source: Environment Protection Authority of Victoria, Australia

* * *
Fuck, i went last night to an internet cafe to update my blog. And to my surprise, I cannot access Blogger.com

I asked for assistance, and guess what the resident techie over there has to say: "There's a problem with the site."

Duh! How come? Can you please elaborate?

There's a lot of other guys there video streaming, that's why i'm battling for a precious bandwidth.

Every cafe has its flaws, there's the greedy one that don't turn on the aircon and let the fans do the ventilation. Then there's one where they have 20 units with the slowset DSL connection. Grrr! And finally, there's one with no technical support, no firewall, no pop-up blocker, no anything. (My haven! I can download anything I want! but with frequent virus attacks, ouch!)

Anyway, I end up blog hopping again...

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