Reminiscing High School Life

It's back to school for my younger siblings. As they go back to school, I look back to some of my memories and thoughts.

1. Filling up my Library Card as fast as I can. I don't even opened a single page of the book. (Just to be in the list of Book Lovers! hahaha!)

2. Copying the content of an entire book into your notebook. A revolution in today's notes are colorful illustrations. What a waste of my precious time! That's why it's called notebook, where you write personal notes, on what you've understood on a lesson. I wonder why notes are included in grading systems?

3. Laziness. It's a cycle of life. There comes a time when you think the world moves so slowly. You've been studying for years, then wondering when it will get finished

4. You can try to aim for the second best. What's the purpose of striving to the best when you cannot sustain it?

5. Don't get caught. Whatever happens, don't get caught being nasty. (you know what i mean!)

6. Misadventures. The worst that I remember is that I hide in my own locker (its kinda big), just to escape from classroom cleaning.I asked my buddy to lock me up there and luckily(?), he was asked to run for an errand. I was locked for one sweaty hour.

7. I propose to DepEd to have this subject: Self-esteem 101. Topics include: how to survive peer pressure; how to be emotionally stable; and how to be cool, despite being a nerd.

Nice ad! very catchy! Applies to great pretenders!

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cyberpunk said...

oh come on! do you seriously believe that that buddy of yours was really asked to run an errand? hehehe

deejayz said...

that's what i've heard? (not from him, of course!)

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