Nikki Catsouras Car Crash Photos

What you see below is the photo of a beautiful 18-year-old girl Nikki Catsouras a.k.a. Porsche Girl. Nikki Catsouras died in a very horrifying car crash in 2006. For more than 2 years now after the crash incident, the family of Nikki is still tormented because Nikki Catsouras' car crash photos are circulating online and posted in websites specializing in morbid stuff.

I could not help but searched for the photos and I did found them. Warning: The pictures, should you Google them, are VERY, VERY, VERY gruesome, and I recommend if you don't have the guts to see extreme graphic, don't even attempt the search.

Catsouras' death photoggraphs were taken by California Highway Patrol (CHP) officers as part of standard vehicle accident procedures but was leaked in the Internet

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