Jordan Crawford Dunk on LeBron James

Jordan Crawford, a Xavier University sophomore guard, recently dunked on LeBron James during the basketball training camp also known as the LeBron James Skills Academy which was sponsored by Nike. I would really loved to see how did Jordan Crawford Dunk on LeBron James but unfortunately the videos were confiscated by Nike officials. Seems like LeBron James doesn’t want everyone to see how did Jordan Crawford dunk on him on TV or in the internet.

In a basketball camp LeBron James, at an unknown location, Xavier guard Jordan Crawford has done something that many NBA All-Stars could not dream, dunk on the "King" himself. So why has he written anything at all youtube is not the biggest story in the world? Nike, because, with LeBron, confiscated all the visual elements that the time never came. But why? Nike, LeBron believe that something like this damages their reputation and how it is perceived as a basketball player?

Does he think ONE dunk by a top-level college player is going to take all of that away? Maybe if it was some 5' 7" Division 3 walk-on who literally had to jump off of James just to get to the rim, I might be trying to hide that tape too. But doesn't Nike see what's happening here? You have a gold mine of a commercial waiting to happen.

Here’s a video of Jordan Crawford dunk, not the one where he had dunked on LeBron James though.

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