Facebook Restaurant City Tips Certified for Fast Level, Gourmet Points, Money and 50 Popularity

1. For beginners, focus on ONE starter, main and dessert. Make sure you level-up to reach level 10. The higher level of your menu means more gourmet points.

For a level 10 meal, you will get 2,8 gourmet points (GP) for every meal. For example, my first menu for starter is Bruschetta with Tomato and Basil, my main is Spaghetti Carbonara, and my dessert is Banana Split. After I finish this three menu to level 10, and then I'll try to complete another menu.

You'll notice the gourmet point panel does not have a decimal value. Decimal values will be accumulated until it reach a point. As a safeguard, I level-up my menu until level 6, that give me a precise 2.0 GP.

2. Aside from your daily freebie and daily food quiz, free ingredients are given for first-time visit on your friend’s restaurant. Get a lot of friends from Restaurant City Fan Groups. Most of them wants to be added and have free ingredients too. Just keep in mind, don’t delete your friend too fast. Not every player always online on RC, they may be in different time zones. Wait at least 12 hours before deleting them (I am deleting them after 2 days!)

Don't add to many RC friends, your loading RC animation may take too long. As a precaution, I keep 60-80 RC friends at a time.

3. I suggest DO NOT choose menu that includes tomato, flour, potato, salad and prawn and other ONE-STAR ingredients, for these are really HARD-to-FIND. When choosing what menu should you develop, make sure the ingredients are different. Why?? because it will be easier to get 10 items for each ingredients rather than try to find 20 or more.

Example, my three menu contain bacon, egg, pasta, cream, banana, ice cream, tomato, basil, and bread. No same ingredients at all. ^^

4. Before hitting the trading spree, check your friends menu on what ingredients he needs. This is to lessen the possibility of your offer to be declined. You can always check your friends menu unless the menu list is not shown in the resto.

5. Unlike in Cake Mania, high cost stoves won’t cook your food fast so don’t splurge on this item on early levels.

6. Toilets are only useful upon reaching level 8. You won't have to assign a cleaner for the toilets, there's a simple trick for this. Go to the Indoors decoration shop, just drag the dirty toilet out to the inventory and put them back at your resto, and walla!, an instant clean toilet.

7. On earning more money. This will depend on your popularity so you need to work on your popularity to rise up so you will get more people to eat in your restaurant. You can extra bucks by shaking the trees outside your restaurant or your friend’s restaurant.

Also, cleaning the trash inside your restaurant will give you extra coins. Again, you won't have to assign a cleaner for this. Just simply click each trash and it's gone. You can also pick up your friend’s trash.

Also, leaving your restaurant open even if you’re offline will give you additional bucks. Your earnings will depend on your popularity rate.

8. Your restaurant City layouts is pretty important. Here are some Restaurant City Layouts to make to table arrangements efficient.

Keep your waiters from walking too far serving dishes.

On creating maze. Simply put some obstacles near the entrance, by creating a maze, getting your customers to walk a further distance before getting to sit down, gives more time for your waiters to clean up the table. This helps in keeping the customer happy too, since the programmer gives the customer an “irritated” meter that affect to your restaurant’s popularity.

Add some extra chairs that would serve waiting chairs as for those extra customers.

9. Save up for that precious arcade.

Arcade are heplpful as it keep extra customers busy and they leave your restaurant without a thumbs down remark, which greatly affects your popularity. Currently priced at 8000 coins, that's a lot of coins. Before your decorating extravaganza, be sure you have enough coin for that arcade.

10. Your crew's energy affects popularity too. 90%-100% energy will get into peak popularity so I suggest to keep them at these levels. With high popularity, customers will start to pour, thus making your restaurant crowded, with more customers getting annoyed with slow service, dirty toilets among others. With proper personnel management, you can sustain that popularity, thus you have to really have to get into the game.

Hope it will help you. If you have any questions, just feel free to ask.

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