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Friends gathered at the Blackburn, Scotland, community centre to watch singer Susan Boyle compete in the final of 'Britain's Got Talent' today. She finished second.

Favorite Susan Boyle was still one of the best performance with her soaring voice on the Finals of Britain’s Got Talent, May 30. Susan, who chose to sing again the song that first brought her fame, "I Dreamed a Dream", was gracious in defeat—saying “the best people won” and wishing them “all the best”.

Although she lost the home-telephone poll of the viewers of Britain's Got Talent to winners street dancers Diversity. Even if she wasn't able to fulfill her dream performing before the Queen, she caught the attention of million of fans around the world, she still a winner.

The 48-year-old Internet sensation placed still took home $159,000 cash prize, not bad.

Watch the videos of her performance below:

Judges Comments:

BGT Judge Piers Morgan:
I thought, all you have to do to answer all your critics is sing the song we all fell in love with, sing it better than you did last time, and Susan, I’m not supposed to favor anyone in this competition as a judge, but forget it, that was the greatest performance I’ve seen in ‘Britain’s Got Talent’ history, you should win this competition, I loved it!

BGT Judge Amanda Holden seconded his praise and added that Simon Cowell had a tear in his eye, and I’ve never seen that before.

BGT Judge Simon Cowell:
Referring to her weird seven weeks and he said, You had every right to walk away from this and a lot of people said you shouldn’t even be in this competition, that you’re not equipped to deal with it. For what? For you to sit at home with your cat and say I’ve missed an opportunity? I completely disagree with that. Win or lose, you had the guts to come back here tonight and face your critics, and you beat them. And that’s the most important thing. Whatever happens, and I’ve got to know the real Susan Boyle, who is not the person I’ve seen portrayed in the media, you can walk away from this, win or lose, with your head held high. I absolutely adore you.

What do you think of the results?

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