Must See Maricar Reyes and Hayden Kho Video Scandal

The video featuring Maricar Reyes and Hayden Kho Jr. is a forty-minute-long out-of-this-world sexcapade. The flow of lovemaking is slow. Not pressing. Not mechanical. Some people may say watching it is boring because the video is not that "wild", not "obscene" as pornography. If you like pornography, perverts, you should watch the Katrina Halili video, but you'll be dismayed, not because libido shown by Katrina, but because being hypocrite in her TV interviews this past days.

For me, Maricar Reyes - Hayden Kho Video Part 2 of the most sensual all previous videos released to the public. Most sensual in the sense they are comportable with each other and they are doing is not only for lust but a deep understanding. The two are lovers during the med School days in UST.

But do not fret, at the end of the video you will see the "wild side" by Maricar Reyes, not the "obscene wild" but only responding to his sexual needs that brings her and by Doc Hayden in the peak of arousal.

UPDATE: Maricar Reyes S*ex scandal PART 3 is now online. Hayden And Maricar are doing it in the SOFA. Is she unaware that the webcam of the laptop is on and actually recording what happening in fornt? However, I can't find Maricar caught sleeping naked VIDEO.

While I tell you my opinion it may become cocky to you. Why? Is it because am just talking to perverts and their only wish is for links, even without their wife's, sweetheart's, parents' knowing.

What happened in that room is unimaginable, within that 40 minutes. All I can say is: "IT ROCKS!" If given a chance, that would be dream scene.

How will the women in sex video with Doc Hayden come out if they do not knew that they are filmed while having sex with the doctor? When Katrina was asked December 2008 if they have sex video of doc Hayden, she told nothing existed.

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