Hayden Kho Video Scandal: a Conspiracy getting clearer by the day

on TV tonight – just when we thought we got everything figured out in this whole Hayden Kho sex video scandal, we find out we know nothing! New personalities surfaced!

  • irene Kho, hayden mom’s speaks on tv. accusing Katrina of dealing drugs.
  • erik chua is not a doctor, he is a businessman whose into DVD replicating machines. Hayden and Chua met in parties both attended as adults, they were not frat buddies in UST.
  • there is a new name, Bistek Rosario who is a doctor and is a long time friend of Hayden. They were friends wayback at UST where they studied medicine. He is the frat brod of hayden.
  • rosario has a girlfriend who works at Belo’s clinic. this girlfriend of rosario had an affair with hayden.
  • the news says it was Rosario who took the video copies from Hayden’s computer who most likely gave them to Chua who distributed the videos to the internet and Quiapo.
  • hayden’s mom is holding back on many things she knows but she did say katrina is more quilty that what we are being led to believe.
  • lolit solis seem to be involved with the katrina as more guilty angle. She has also been talking a lot about the people involved in the scandal, many unsavory and uncalled for.

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