American Idol Season 8 Winner: Adam Lambert or Kris Allen

Next week we will know who between the American Idol top two will win in the American Idol 2009 finale. Who will it be? The screamer or the quiet soul man. The flashy, LA rocker against the mellow, humble small-town crooner.

At one point, AI judge Simon Cowell predicted that the American Idol Season 8 winner is Adam Lambert on the Opray Winfrey show just like what I have read in some of the American Idol 2009 predictions that has been coming out here and there.

Who won American Idol tonight is one question that you should be looking forward to being answered in the finale. Am sure a lot of you are equally excited to see who will be the lucky and talented Idol just like when David Cook won American Idol (Season 7) last year.

Either Adam Lambert, the 27-year-old theater actor from San Diego or Kris Allen, the 23-year-old college student from Conway, Arkansas who will be crowned as “Idol” next Wednesday.

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