Ages 10 to 60 in one day

From Vogue Paris November 2008. The same model has been styled in a set of photos to show different ages, everything done with amazing make-up and lighting.

At 10, a certain wide-eyed innocence with a strong suggestion on bare-chestedness, half-exposed teeth, very light make-up, looking almost fresh out of a swimming pool or something.

At 20, a rather typical high-school/college girl first getting acquainted with mascara and lip-gloss; expressions of youth with straight hair, painted finger nails and fun accessories (ring); there is a sense of eagerness and anticipation in the expression.

At 30, she looks like she’s been through some really bad relationships, on the roads, and maybe have her life mortgated to drugs and alcohol, doused generally with a sense of cynicism towards the world.

At 40, life reins in as she matures and develops into a more assured woman; the wild sides has not been eliminated totally but tamed to a more nuanced portrayal;

At 50, back to a very classic and enduring look showing a sense of refined sophistication after living through the many decades; tastes have been distilled and generally looks more classy.

Finally at 60, the beauty grows inwards as the outer appearance are toned down in favor of more subtle expression (cropped hairdo, plain top), with a sense that the inner wisdom is now far more distinguishing than the outer appearance.


Imagine a software that can do this? Just upload a pic and get your own results!

Any favorites?

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Ang Lolo Niyo said...

Parang gusto ko makita 'yung pabata naman ng pabata. Hehe.

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