New look Dora tween get controversial

Everybody grows up. Even Dora.

See Pictures of the New Dora the Explorer Doll - Dora The Explorer had moms all across the Internet concerned about the new tween doll. Their response has been overwhelmingly negative. They think that it is a sexed-up version of the children’s icon and a poor example for kids.

The old endearing tomboy Dora with her T-shirt and shorts and bowl-cut hairdo that kids grew to love was changed to a "new" Dora with long flowing hair, shapely legs and wearing a scanty skirt.

See the Preview of New Dora makeover after the jump.

Creators of Dora the Explorer, a favorite character among preschoolers that teaches kids English and Spanish, say they are just making her move with the times.

The tweenage Dora will live in the big city, attend middle school and have a new wardrobe and accessories.

What do you think of the new Dora the Explorer? Is she too grown up or a perfectly good role model? And more importantly: Do you like her leggings? If that's sexed up we have a bad thing going here.

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