Pinoy Transformers

What if cybertron folks crashed here in the Philippines, right at our busy streets and esquinitas. What we have to offer for them to scan?

The Jeep is the Philippines most widely used form of public transportation, Originally the jeep was created out the need to create utility vehicles in the Philippines after World War II. It was made from worn out, damaged, junked or old and left behind US Military jeeps after the war.

A closer Look at the Jeep on the left you could read the word “ACE” below the wind shield; plus on the signboard, in front, above the windshield, you could read “UP IKOT”.
- U.P. meaning the “University of the Philippines”, ikot – go around or around.

Basically the Sign means the Jeep’s route goes around the U.P. Campus.

OptiBus Prime





Barricab ( Barricade )

The Taxi on the Left has the sign “K and K”- I’m not sure what the K’s mean, or if the K&K taxi really exist in the Philiipines

Boudary (Frenzy)

When the tricycle was first used as a Philippine transportation vehicle, no one seems to know. A few claim they hadn’t seen the thing before the Japanese time. Many aver tricycles started appearing on the road scene after World War II. Others declare it almost co-existed with the converted GI army jeeps. Accordingly, excess body parts left after the conversions were used to assemble sidecars attached to motorcycles, and thus the “tricycle” that has been known since in Philippine transportation.

so many talented Pinoys out there who have nothing else to do that's why they come up with things like these. has anyone come up with an Ironhide-FX hybrid?

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mai said...


a was really amazed by filipinos' imagination haha!

empress maruja said...

Ang kulit naman!

Lalon said...

haha naaliw naman ako dito.. talagang pati yung pedicab nagttransform din? lolz. ^__^

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yatot said...

hahahha.. galing galing! gusto ko yung kariton ng pakwan! bwahhahaha

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