I just hate cats, at all. They are not living to their sole purpose. During my toddler years, they used to tell about this food pyramid, that cats chases and preys mouse. Nah, not anymore. How can they chase/indimidate/bully something if they're of the same size?! City rats have grown up as big as my fist. And now, they're both living in harmony! Then, i recall these pests often poop at our rooftop. worse, i was the one who cleaned their mess! And a special mention on their endless moaning and catfights!

Fast forward to present, socialized friggin' cats! our neighbor has a small cafeteria and thus leftovers serve as a meal for these pests. Now, they're pooping near our doorsteps. The smell of their shit stinking in our living room!

And kitties popping out every month brings me to my boiling point! I saw this black fat cat on my way out of our alley, looks like preggy, I just want them to be vanished! Please stop the population explosion!

And also, my highly-socialized pet dog, won't even harass these kittens! Worse, he's been intimated by their number!

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Anonymous said...

ayoko din ng mga pusa. they're just sooo pissing me off. kahit d2 sa Qatar andaming mga pusakal. and infairness scary cla ha...baka mangalmot anytime.hehe;)

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