Upside Down

by Two Minds Crack
(remake yata ng 6cyclemind)

I've been spending some time
Thinking of you and I
Don't know if I can really make it tonight

I lie awake in the dark
Calm down, and I'll start
Thinking about you
It's almost breaking my heart

I don't know where I went wrong
Or what's going on
Baby, I feel like a lover tonight
Should I stay, should I go
Well I really don't know
Lately I've been missing you so

Baby you don't understand
Our love lies lost but
You're still holding my hand
Oh, and then you walk away
Just as I, I wanted to say...

You're turning me on
You turn me around
You turn my whole world upside down
You're turning me on
You turn me around
You turn my whole world upside down

Everytime I hurt you, well it's hurting me too
Don't know if I could really stay here tonight
I'm tired of thinking of you, and everything that you do
Tell me, what am I supposed to do

Well I just wanted to say that I need you today
Tell me, it's all gonna work out all right
Don't know where I should start, but with all of my heart
Baby let me be your lover tonight

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wesweswest said...

wee... astig. =)

yeye said...

:) i looooove this song

yeye said...

baka naman may mp3 ka nito, wala akong mahanap sa limewire ;)

romar menos said...

lovable,,, the best,, favorite ko talaga to...

jcb said...

i was searching for the original artist of this song. glad to find your blog - Two Minds Crack.


Anonymous said...

yep, revival yan ng 6 cycle mind

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