Recently watched Mel Gibson's Apocalypto, its not as gore as I expected. "The Departed" is more shocking and gore!
It's R-18, so showing is so scarce, it's not shown at the nearby SM.

Well, for my review, this movie took me into another place and time. It's like you are right there watching them upclose from afar, ala-national geographic, haha!
Mel Gibson has a lot of creative juices, given that he's not drunk.

I expected that the movie tackles about the Mayan civilization, at least they were brought to the city, sold as slaves, as sacrifice. The rituals, I won't elaborate anymore, hehe! but its ok, you can tolerate the gore! The characters talking in native Mayan language. the subtitles might bother you at the start, like watching a foreign film. But action scenes don't have scripts anymore, unlike our classic Pinoy movie.

Whew! I somewhat enjoyed the movie, watched the longest chase scene ever made! I wish I could have their extraordinary stamina, being hurt(speared) and all, still running full-speed nonstop, day and night. I suppose when you're running for dear life, you'll forget how to be "tired." We went on a debate on what animal was chasing them? my friend said 'twas a jaguar, having a connection to Jaguar Feet, and i insisted 'twas a panther. Hehe! Turns out to be a jaguar! [Poor zoology memory!]

I was not satisfied at the ending. since im transported in ancient times, im craving for more bloodbath! more suspense! more carnage! i want them all dead! [rrrawl!]

Flashback: Went to Gateway mall, anyway. As I look around, i noticed the security. I wonder, what could be the benefits being one? Haircut? Facial? Makeover? Hmmm, I can say is... well-groomed. Starstruck!

As for my glutton, we gave Taco Bell another shot. We both had not-so-good tastebud experiences with the tacos. I tried the burrito, while my friend chose quesadilla. Not bad, filled stomachs! But I forget to take my cam out, since i turned myself into camwhore mode these days, hahaha!

Improving, the cinema lobby are now filled with seats. Unlike before, when I seat on the floor waiting for the next screening. now i can't take my cam out. Hello! cinema premises! grounds for piracy! Hay, still dreaming to have my pics with the seats and the garden backdrop nearby.

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