Insomiacs Beware!

Research has proven that depriving the body of sleep may result to life-threatening diseases like coronary heart disease, cause erectile dysfunction and hormonal imbalance, disrupt metabolism, impair mental performance and adversely affect mental and psychological states.

If our body only gets an average of less than five hours of sleep at night, our chance of suffering a heart attack or dying from one nearly doubles compared to when we have a complete, rejuvenating sleep.

Sleep deprivation also seriously sabotages our body's metabolism, undermining our ability to burn fat. Fat cells in our body produce a hormone called leptin, which tells the body how much potential energy it has stored. Since leptin production peaks at night while sleeping, sleep deprivation can throw levels of this hormone sky high. Our body then loses track of how much energy it has reserved, and instead of burning fat, stores it.

A man's testosterone (male sex hormone) levels crash when his body is sleep-deprived, which triggers a drop in men's desire for sex and also inhibits his ability to maintain an erection.

Sexual hormone imbalance such as Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia (BPH or prostate enlargement in men) and menstrual disorder in women are also effects of sleeping problems.

As I was bloghopping, I read an entry about Bulitas' sleep tablets. That could be an innovation.

I remember when I'm deprived of rest, I would tell my folks, "If only I could buy some sleep.."

Then our naughty minds start to think some of the crazy things, like, what would the immediate effect of the tablet? Instant eye gunk? HAHAHA!

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cyberpunk said...

hmm are you somehow trying to tell me that i'm getting fat because of sleep deprivation?

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