ten things plans i cant start

you can fill up yours at 43things.com, but for me, the choices there are way impractical for me to fulfill. so i list down ten things i'm planning to do (and i push myself to get it started!)

1. Quit late nights/sleep. Do you know skin cells work when you're asleep? That might help to have a more glowing skin. And I really need a lot of rest for my next plan, which is..

2. Weight training. I noticed these hunks showing their muscles off. I dream to look like them. Well, my dream can be a reality.. Just put some pounds on the weight room. I hope it won't be a ningas-kugon.

3. Clean. My room is a mess! Just like other men's room. But it's nice to see my room clean and comfy once in a while.

4. More education. I'm considering taking up a post-graduate course. What a nice way to fill up my resume!

5. Spend all i want and save as much as well. Ironic, isn't it? I still plan for the future.

6. Upgrade my wardrobe. I'm currently downsizing my shirts from XL to L. Power dressing, preparing for my toned body. (Dream on!)

7. Pamper. I want to experience the good life. The facial treatments, massages, hair rebonds and all. (Again, DREAM ON!)

8. Loose myself. I'm already stiff half of my life. Change won't be a bad idea, isn't it?

9. Secure my job. What's next to landing a job? Securing it.

10. Go places. I haven't been into places further than 100 kms. away from home.

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cyberpunk said...

wow kakatuwa naman itong list mo... so eto pala ang bunga ng iyong reflections nung bday mo...good luck, although ingat sa post-graduate course, pag-isipan mo muna mabuti kasi mahirap kung bigla ka magbabago ng isip kung kelan naka-start ka na...muntik na rin ako mag-masteral (that robotics thingie)...

as for the other things sa list mo, kaya mo yan...cheer pa kita hehe :D

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