Who is Davy Jones?

Its payback time for Davy Jones! For raising the Black Pearl from the depths for thirteen years, in return for Capt. Jack Sparrow's (Johnny Depp) soul.

He was a man of the sea, but one day, he fell in love. (I don't know if it's the sea or a woman.) Davy couldn't stand the pain of being away from his love, so he carved out his heart, placed it in a box, and set it down deep into the ocean. A key is supposed to open the box, and upon stabbing the heart, the power of the seas will be removed from Davy.

The movie goes around that plot, the race to pay Jack's debt, Will's (Orlando Bloom) promise to his father that he will stab Jones' heart so his father would be freed, and other twists and turns.

Check the other sides of the polyhedron!

What is the story behind William/Bill "Bootstrap" Turner Sr.?

When the ship's first mate Barbossa staged a mutiny, as narrated in the first movie, Bill Turner was the only man among them who did not side with the mutineers. When the chest of Aztec gold they found on the island turned out to be cursed, Bootstrap believed that they deserved to remain cursed for marooning Jack. Thus, he sent his piece of the gold back to his son for safekeeping. Barbossa was greatly angered by Turner's outburst and betrayal.

The members of the Black Pearl chained him to the cannonball and tossed him in the sea, he was being crushed by the weight of the ocean, unable to die, and unable to escape. At that moment, he was desperate for any way to escape, and when Davy Jones offered his services, Bootstrap gladly accepted.

Keira Knightley (Past and Present)

How much weight did she lost?

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Jigs said...

Ive seen the movie! It was awesome! I love Pirates of the Carribean! Keira Knightley Looks great! But I think she's anorexic or something.

deejayz said...

yeah! she's so thin nowadays.. a requirement in the movie, i guess..

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