Captain Barbell's Non-Original Story

An extreme rip-off of Smallville. Isumbong ko kaya sa Warner Brothers for infringement...

Kahit simula pa lang, hindi man lang ibahin yun kulay ng sasakyan.

May love triangle din!

Meron ding mag-amang, walang alam kundi magpayaman at gustong angkinin ang lahat! At gustong malaman ang sekreto ng superhero.

Richard Gutierrez - CK/Kal-El/Superman
Richard Gomez - Lionel Luthor
Patrick Garcia - Lex Luthor
Camille Prats - Chloe Sullivan
Rhian Denise Ramos - Lana Lang

Anyway, reality sucks! Considering the education of today's youth are getting, the English language is no longer appreciated. I'm not saying that I'm very fluent speaking the language, at least I'm trying to improve my craft (composition-wise).. We're the Transformers, G.I.Joe, T-M-N-Turtles, Sesame Street generation.

Not like now that it's all tagalized.

Back to Captain Barbell, they're targeting the masa people, D-E class. (as always) Worse, even my dad is hooked! Damn! I have to compete for Smallville Tuesdays! (to have peace in the house, I need Smallville DVDs) How many of us still appreciate foreign shows?

Its ok to watch these celebrities in action. But if the story is redundant, I don't think I'll watch it anymore.

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